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The Volcker Rule for Financial Institutions

President Obama calls for new restrictions on the size and scope of financial institutions to rein in excessive risk-taking and protect taxpayers ...

Lawmakers urge appropriators to reject Coast Guard cuts

Trump is reportedly weighing about $1.3 billion in cuts to the Coast Guard, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The money would reportedly be redirected to other parts of the department to help pay for more immigration officers, border agents and a wall along the southern border.

Trump is expected to send his budget outline to Congress on Thursday.

The reported cuts to the Coast Guard have prompted bipartisan backlash, with 23 senators from both parties sending a letter to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney last week.

In their letter Monday, the House lawmakers said the OMB appears to be dismissing the Coast Guard’s role as a branch of the military, which Trump promised to build up. 

Further, they said, the Coast Guard is critical to counternarcotics operations and intercepts more cocaine at sea than all other domestic counternarcotics efforts combined. 

Strengthening security on the southern border means more drugs and illegal immigrants will move offshore, they wrote, meaning the Coast Guard’s budget should increase.

NBA Outlook: Jamel Artis

Throughout the season, I’ve had a dozen or so conversations about why senior forward Jamel Artis isn’t going to be on an NBA roster by the end of this October. Honestly, the fact that he’s atleast a year older than his draft class and already 24 should stop the conversation right there. For the sake of argument, and because this article has to be more than two sentences, let’s dive into why Artis isn’t an NBA caliber player.

Measurements and Position:

Artis is listed at 6’7” on the Pittsburgh Panthers official website, but in reality, he’ll more than likely measure closer to 6’5” in socks. Couple that with his slender frame and it would be impossible for him to play either forward position in the NBA. Even at small forward, his career rebounding rate of 10.1% is low and was an unimpressive 8.2% this past season. Obviously, not every player has to fit a physical profile, but the players that are an exception tend not to be average athletes that lack one truly elite skill?

Does the bible not make any sense simply because...?

one does not understand it?
Calculus doesn't make sense to me, but I would be a fool to proclaim 'Calculus is a load!'
Calculus can be proven as the bible can be proven...

I did misunderstand it! I'm glad I came back it to see that I was wrong. I hope you will accept my sincere apology as I actually agree with you. Sorry brother! I should learn to read and listen more as I ask nonbelievers to do the same.