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Brouhaha aside, Pistons just clankers at Bankers, no malice toward Pacers

INDIANAPOLIS -- Reggie Jackson, asked about the minor post-game theatrics when the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers scuffled in the middle of Bankers Life Fieldhouse Saturday night, pleaded ignorance.

"The only thing at the center circle I remember is the tap," Jackson said.

Stan Van Gundy, the Pistons' head coach, had been kicked out 22.6 seconds earlier, so he had a little more time to ponder the events leading to his dismissal by official Lauren Holtkamp, but was no more insightful to the cause of the discord than Jackson.

"I just said something that she didn't like," Van Gundy said.

Maybe some self-awareness is in order around here.

The icy-shooting Pistons lost 94-82 to the Pacers, and while reluctance to test the NBA's tolerance for levying financial penalties may have been at heart of the tight-lipped responses -- Jackson was in the heart of the scrum, and Van Gundy surely knows the magic words that earned his first Detroit ejection -- they did offer up some explanations for much more difficult questions.

Thunder's AFL future up in the air

Plus: the latest on OSU football, the sporting Plumlee family, CJ McCollum on the air, and more ... KERRY EGGERS ON SPORTS

Notes, quotes and observations about our sporting world …

• The Portland Thunder may be going under.

The two-year run of the city's most recent Arena Football League franchise could be over because of financial difficulties -- perhaps with the league more than the team.

"We have not re-signed our commitment for 2016 yet," Thunder owner Terry Emmert says.

Four of the 12 clubs that ended the 2015 AFL regular season have folded. Las Vegas and New Orleans ceased operations immediately after the regular season; Spokane severed ties with the league in October, and San Jose called it quits in November.

The Thunder finished 5-13 in 2015 but advanced to the playoffs when Las Vegas (5-12-1)-- ceased operations. The league board moved Portland into the postseason; San Jose beat the Thunder 55-28 in the first round en route to the title.

Does the bible not make any sense simply because...?

one does not understand it?
Calculus doesn't make sense to me, but I would be a fool to proclaim 'Calculus is a load!'
Calculus can be proven as the bible can be proven...

I did misunderstand it! I'm glad I came back it to see that I was wrong. I hope you will accept my sincere apology as I actually agree with you. Sorry brother! I should learn to read and listen more as I ask nonbelievers to do the same.