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Intimidation or accountability? A mining company goes after Kentucky regulators' own money

The family of the newest Republican governor – billionaire Jim Justice of West Virginia  is going after the personal assets of two top Kentucky environmental regulators after Kentucky sought to collect millions in unpaid fines from the coal-mining companies they control.

Lawsuits against Kentucky Department for Natural Resources Commissioner Allen Luttrell and Deputy Commissioner John D. Small by the Kentucky Fuel Corporation blame the two for their company's failure to meet reclamation deadlines, potentially costing more than $4.5 million in fines.

The suits seek money from the regulators themselves, not the state of Kentucky for which they work – a move that one veteran environmental attorney not involved in the case said may be unprecedented.

Universty of Kentucky law professor Michael P. Healy described the suits as potential intimidation, similar to the kind of lawsuits by businesses that seek to silence their citizen critics.

Franklin wireless-tower company borrowing $20M

CTI Towers, a Franklin wireless-tower company, said Thursday it is borrowing $20 million from New York City financial firm CIT Group to help fuel its growth, with the option to borrow $20 million more.

CTI Towers owns 208 cell towers and manages another 435 under the Comcast cable portfolio. Comcast Ventures, a venture capital arm of Comcast, founded CTI Towers in 2011 and remains its primary equity investor, according to CTI Towers.

Tony Peduto, CTI Towers's CEO, said the company could expand to 2,000 towers in the next five years. Borrowing for expansion, he said, "positions us well for future growth as the wireless industry continues to explode."

CTI Towers, which has about 20 employees, sold its entire portfolio of 294 towers in 2015 before starting up again, surpassing 200 towers in the last two years.

The company has cell towers across the country, including 14 in Massachusetts. It says it serves national wireless carriers, regional carriers, utility companies and state and federal agencies. Tower heights generally range between 50 and 300 feet.

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