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Franklin company specializes in church security

“The number-one thing we teach is that if something doesn’t look or feel right, it’s not right,” he said.

An example he cited is if someone walks up in a trench coat and it’s 100 degrees outside, that shouldn’t sit right. That person needs to be greeted outside the building and possibly even denied access.

“Faith-based organizations are private companies and they have the right to allow or not allow anyone access to the building,” Alexandrow said.

Agape Tactical trains its clients to use a three-part strategy for securing churches: deter, detect, deny. For a crime to happen inside a facility, it must come through the parking lot and access control points. Alexandrow said deterrence begins in the parking lot with an obvious presence of trained volunteers.

“Those same volunteers can also detect suspicious behavior and notify trained safety personnel to employ a denial strategy,” he said. “Developing a written security plan and training team members on what to do in a variety of situations can help prevent tragedies before they occur.

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