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First Republic Bank finances displacement of residents

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FIRST REPUBLIC BANK (FRC) Moves Lower on Volume Spike for June 29

FIRST REPUBLIC BANK ( FRC ) traded on unusually high volume on Jun. 29, as the stock lost 0.86% to close at $96.79. On the day, FIRST REPUBLIC BANK saw 1.56 million shares trade hands on 11,453 trades. Considering that the stock averages only a daily volume of 1.04 million shares a day over the last month, this represents a pretty significant bump in volume over the norm.

Generally speaking, when a stock experiences a sudden spike in trading volume, it may be seen as a bullish signal for investors. An increase in volume means more market awareness for the company, potentially setting up a more meaningful move in stock price. The added volume also provides a level of support and stability for price advances.

The stock has traded between $105.52 and $84.56 over the last 52-weeks, its 50-day SMA is now $98.12, and its 200-day SMA $94.68. FIRST REPUBLIC BANK has a P/B ratio of 2.24. It also has a P/E ratio of 22.

First Republic Bank is engaged in providing personalized, relationship-based services, including private banking, private business banking, real estate lending and wealth management services, including trust and custody services.

Does First Republic Bank execute automatic transfers at midnight?

Ok so I'm 15, I get a monthly sum of money from my parents for allowance. I have a debit card so they transfer it to my account so I can do what I please with the money once its transferred. So I get the money on the first of every month.

It's probably neither. It will depend on their "start of day" process and will likely be the early hours of the morning and can probably vary slightly. Generally all banks will run their huge IT processes overnight.