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FHLBank Atlanta Announces Community Heroes Matching Grant ...

Community Heroes funding will be available exclusively to law enforcement officers, firefighters, other first responders, and public school teachers earning greater than 80 percent to 120 percent of area median income. The funds are to be used for homeownership in the communities in which they serve, either through new construction or rehabilitation.

FHLBank Atlanta held a launch event on Sunday during the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Annual Meeting in Boston. Stephen K. Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina and President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, was on hand and spoke enthusiastically of the Community Heroes initiative.

“Educators and first responders too often cannot afford to buy a home in the community in which they serve,” said Mayor Benjamin. “Studies have shown that when our public servants live in the communities in which they work, those communities thrive. I am very pleased to participate in this launch event and I look forward to working with FHLBank Atlanta to help our community heroes achieve the dream of homeownership.

ABA Raises Concerns about Proposed Changes to FHLB Affordable Housing Program

In a comment letter to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on Friday, the American Bankers Association called on FHFA to reconsider its approach to modifying the Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program. ABA noted that the FHFA’s recent proposed rule would impose a complex, highly prescriptive, outcomes-based framework for awarding AHP funds that is less flexible, more complex from a compliance standpoint and less transparent.

The proposal would require a majority percentage of AHP funds to be awarded to certain types of projects established by FHFA, which ABA noted would serve to centralize decision making in Washington, D.C., rather than in the local communities where needs exist. It would also establish that at least 55 percent of a FHLB’s required annual AHP contribution is awarded to projects or households that meet at least two of the three regulatory priorities established in the rule. FHLBs that do not meet these requirements will face harsh penalties under the proposal that do not exist currently.

Where do I find what the current 5 year Federal Home Loan Bank yeild?

What is the current five (5) year non-callable agency bond yield on a direct obligation non-callable bond issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank?

Go to their website www.fhlb.

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