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Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Declares a 6.19% Dividend for Third Quarter 2018

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FHLB housing goals would change under new proposal

WASHINGTON — The Federal Housing Finance Agency has released a proposal to change the way the Federal Home Loan Banks set housing goals.

The proposed rule would establish a new benchmark for small Federal Home Loan Bank System members to pursue housing goals, set a new housing goal for members that is calculated as a share of total asset purchases and eliminate a volume threshold for meeting the goals in favor of different categories of mortgage purchases.

Home Loan banks purchase mortgages through the system's "acquired member asset" purchases (AMA) program, which is voluntary.

“To be successful, housing goals should lead the FHLBanks to make affordable housing part of their business plans for AMA," FHFA Director Mel Watt said in a statement. “The overall approach of the proposed amendments will encourage FHLBanks and their members to build on the strengths of the AMA program to assist targeted borrower groups in a safe and sustainable manner."

Where do I find what the current 5 year Federal Home Loan Bank yeild?

What is the current five (5) year non-callable agency bond yield on a direct obligation non-callable bond issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank?

Go to their website www.fhlb.

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