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Federal Home Loan Bank donates $250K to support Jayhawk Theatre restoration

“We’re extremely grateful to Federal Home Loan Bank,” Holecek said. “These are the steps that had to be taken now to propel the project forward. They are absolutely critical and crucial. Without the things developed from the 3-D scans and the construction documents themselves, we could not go forward.”

The three-dimensional scans will be done by Structural Modeling &Analysis, a Kansas City, Mo.-based firm that uses high-tech laser equipment to provide accurate details of a space, said Chelsey Wilson, the firm’s business development manager.

A scan collects millions of data points that can be used to create models that are extremely accurate and can be used throughout the construction process, she said.

“What’s incredible about these is they develop 3-D models from the information,” said Holecek. “Architects use them for measurements because they’re accurate to 1/8 of an inch. Acousticians, on the basis of the model, can do proper acoustic tests. From these plans, every single detail can be figured out before construction begins, and with absolute accuracy.

Photo Release -- Theresa A. Hasson Receives Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh's 2017 Council Award for ...

WILMINGTON, Del., June 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WSFS Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: WSFS ), the parent company of WSFS Bank, today announced that Theresa A. Hasson, WSFS Bank’s Director of Community Reinvestment, has received the 2017 Council’s Award for Community Investment on behalf of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (FHLBank). Hasson received the award on Monday, June 5.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Named in recognition of FHLBank Pittsburgh’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council, the annual Council’s Award provides special recognition to an outstanding financial services professional who has demonstrated superior professional commitment and community spirit. The award highlights accomplishments in meeting the affordable housing and community investment mission. The Council noted Ms. Hasson’s unwavering commitment to her profession and dedication to the community as part of her recognition.

Where do I find what the current 5 year Federal Home Loan Bank yeild?

What is the current five (5) year non-callable agency bond yield on a direct obligation non-callable bond issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank?

Go to their website www.fhlb.