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FHLBank San Francisco Releases April 2019 Cost of Funds Index

The COFI is computed from the actual interest expense reported for a given month by the Arizona, California, and Nevada savings institutions members of the Bank that satisfy the Bank’s criteria for inclusion in the COFI (“COFI Reporting Members”). For April 2019, 9 eligible institutions reported COFI data. Changes in interest rates on adjustable rate mortgage loans offered by many financial institutions are tied to changes in the COFI.

Although the Bank makes a good faith effort to be accurate in the calculation and publication of the COFI, the Bank does not warrant, confirm, or guarantee the accuracy of the data it receives from its COFI Reporting Members, the accuracy of the COFI calculation, or the accuracy of the COFI as published. The Bank does not examine the books and records of its COFI Reporting Members for the purpose of confirming the accuracy of the data they deliver to the Bank used to calculate the COFI, and the Bank expressly disclaims all liability that may arise from any use of the COFI or the use of inaccurate data received from its COFI Reporting Members in calculating the COFI. In addition, the Bank expressly disclaims any liability to any person for any inaccuracy in the COFI, regardless of the cause, or for any resulting damages.


&Ldquo;We (Habitat board members) attended a training session sponsored by Habitat of Kentucky in the Fall of 2017," Todd said. "A Federal Home Loan Bank representative spoke at the event about the grant opportunities available through bank partnerships. For me, it was a natural fit. This was Habitat’s first attempt at a grant since 2000 and we were excited about the opportunity.”

FHLB sets aside 10 percent of net earnings annually to be used as subsidies to finance development of affordable housing, with those funds made available only through financial institutions that are members of FHLB. At that point, FNB saw an opportunity and gladly took on the sponsorship role, being a member of the FHLB.

“FNB is proud to partner with FHLB and Habitat for Humanity to assist in providing this family an affordable home that will meet the family need," said FNB Chief Operating Officer, Sally Hopkins. "A permanent home for a family can be life changing. We were honored to assist with this project and hope to partner again with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor a grant when available."

Where do I find what the current 5 year Federal Home Loan Bank yeild?

What is the current five (5) year non-callable agency bond yield on a direct obligation non-callable bond issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank?

Go to their website www.fhlb.

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