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Capital I and Lower Case N (No Logo's)

Two haunting and Magical little songs from Sesame Street. Steve Zuckerman is so cool! 'Capital I' was the second thing I looked up on ...

Calvert Street Capital Partners Announces Partnership with Industry Experts John Hubbard and Mike Sobieski to Build ...

Calvert Street Capital Partners (“Calvert Street”) today announced its partnership with John Hubbard and Mike Sobieski to help support the creation of a leading thermal processing company focused on value-added services. Central to this strategy is identifying and bringing together leading businesses that share a focus on world-class safety, quality, service, and advanced technology.

John Hubbard, P.E. has devoted his entire career to the thermal processing industry and is a recognized expert in the field. In 1996, John sold his company to Bodycote, now the world’s leading provider of thermal processing services. He led Bodycote's expansion in the Americas until 2001 when he was selected to serve as Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, Bodycote expanded rapidly from a UK-focused heat treater to the preeminent global thermal processing company. He made over 200 acquisitions before retiring to return to the United States in 2009.

The Top 200 Sustainable Mutual Funds

Finds in our first annual performance ranking of the 200 most sustainable funds. ( SEE THE FULL LIST HERE .)

That shouldn’t be a surprise, though it might be to some—including the fund managers themselves. Of the 50 sustainable funds on our list that beat the market in the past year, all but one eschew the term. “Sustainability? What’s that?” queries Jack Murphy of Levin Capital Strategies, who co-manages No. 1 performer Transamerica Large Cap Value (ticker: TWQAX).

Good question: What exactly is “sustainability?” It’s a broad term that encompasses corporate management that is ethical, efficient, and long-term focused. Also called ESG investing—for environmental, social, and governance factors—it has been demonstrated time and again that companies that embrace this type of good management outperform their peers. Companies that ignore ESG factors do so at their peril. Cutting corners on environmental issues, for instance, can lead to lawsuits, fines, and damages. Businesses that use less water and less power have lower costs and operate more efficiently. Good corporate governance plays a winning hand in capital allocation and is critical to corporate longevity. “If a company is being managed for the short term to maximize revenue, that’s not sustainable,” says Phil Davidson, co-manager of American Century Equity Income (TWEIX), No. 3 on our list. Sustainable practices, in other words, predispose companies to outperform.

Conservatives, why don't you attack these companies that support gay marriage instead of the media.?

You guys always say the "liberal media" is promoting the "gay agenda". And you attack them for it.
There are some great American companies who support me as a gay person, among them, Microsoft and Google.