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Two haunting and Magical little songs from Sesame Street. Steve Zuckerman is so cool! 'Capital I' was the second thing I looked up on ...

Our legacy: Annapolis man was state's first black elected official

Butler was one of the seven African-American men from Annapolis who acquired land on Washington Street to build the Stanton Colored School. He was a member of the Annapolis Masonic Lodge, Universal Lodge No. 14 and the Odd Fellows. And he was an all-around champion for the rights of African-Americans.

By the time he was 60, Butler’s properties, in addition to the home at 148 Duke of Gloucester St., included a frame shop and two frame houses and lots on Market Street. One of these Market Street properties became the home of the Maryland Baptist Congregation, which stayed there for a short time before building a church for colored Baptists on Washington Street — First Baptist Church.

Butler owned eight frame houses and lots on Carroll Alley, now known as Pinkney Street, once the home of a diverse community of free blacks, mulattoes and whites.

In addition, Butler owned 12 properties uptown: seven frame houses and lots on Clay Street, four frame houses and lots on Washington Street and a lot at the corner of Calvert and Clay streets.

Is ESG investing going mainstream?

Old concerns about the limited number of ESG funds and drag on performance from strict screens are giving way to appreciation for the added intelligence ESG factors reveal about the future strength of any investment.

"ESG is rooted in improving the investment outcome, rather than some other goal which may not be investment-oriented, and that's where we're seeing some convergence," said Chris McKnett, head ESG strategist at State Street Global Advisors .

The proof is that true believers — the ranks of which go well beyond the tree-huggers and do-gooders that pushed the agenda in decades past — are now showing up in such traditional firms as State Street Global Advisors, BlackRock Inc. and Putnam Investments . Those firms are joined by ESG-focused money managers in realizing the value of scouring the data.

"In general, companies with the strongest records on employee relations and environmental sustainability, for example, often have better financial performance over the long run than those with the weakest records," said Sonia Kowal, president of Zevin Asset Management, a $600 million firm that exclusively builds ESG portfolios. "Given this, why wouldn't you use this information advantage when looking for investment ideas?"

Conservatives, why don't you attack these companies that support gay marriage instead of the media.?

You guys always say the "liberal media" is promoting the "gay agenda". And you attack them for it.
There are some great American companies who support me as a gay person, among them, Microsoft and Google.