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Capital I and Lower Case N (No Logo's)

Two haunting and Magical little songs from Sesame Street. Steve Zuckerman is so cool! 'Capital I' was the second thing I looked up on ...

Arundel Lodge artist steps up his creativity

When she saw Lacey’s art in the Arundel Lodge gallery, Harbaugh was instantly drawn to his color pallet and style. She knew she had to buy some of his work for her own and show it off in her gallery.

“I love the abstractness,” she said. “I love the scenes he creates with observational street live. It feels very French.”

Arundel Lodge fosters creativity in residents like Lacey in a few ways. The psychiatric day program includes lessons and opportunities to experiment with materials, which executive director Mike Drummond said builds self-esteem. Residents and staff who are serious about their art use studio time for independent exploration.

“People come in and make things to just feel good as part of their recovery process,” Woodard said.

The Arundel Lodge gallery displays about 150 pieces from this process, and Drummond said 150 more are being shown around the state. Eighty percent of proceeds from the Arundel Lodge gallery go directly to the artist, and the rest goes back to the lodge to fund supplies, Drummond said. Artists also price their own works.

Janice Hayes-Williams: Anne Arundel should honor lost Fourth Ward in naming of Whitmore park

In 2010, after private entities inquired about buying Whitmore park for possible development as an office building, Bay Engineering checked county land records. What it found was remarkable.

As you would expect there were details about the lots for both the garage and park, as well as about zoning, open space and critical and noncritical areas.

But the records also gave the names of all residents, businesses and fraternal organizations that occupied the area bounded by Washington, Clay and Calvert streets when the county acquired the land for the Whitmore garage and park. The certificate lists 32 deeds of property obtained by the county between Aug. 21, 1968 and Sept. 9, 1970.

Deed 28 caught my attention immediately — the county had purchased a house at Washington Street from William Henry Hebron, my great-grandfather. At the time, the home was occupied by his granddaughter, Annie Simpson Henry, who left Washington Street to build a new home at Kirby Lane in Parole.

Conservatives, why don't you attack these companies that support gay marriage instead of the media.?

You guys always say the "liberal media" is promoting the "gay agenda". And you attack them for it.
There are some great American companies who support me as a gay person, among them, Microsoft and Google.