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Two haunting and Magical little songs from Sesame Street. Steve Zuckerman is so cool! 'Capital I' was the second thing I looked up on ...

Groups pay tribute to Henry Davis, last man to be lynched in Anne Arundel County

A number of advocacy groups and elected officials gathered at the Arundel Center and at the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial on Calvert Street to recall and retell the story of Davis.

Earlier this year, the Equal Justice Initiative called on the county to recognize the five recorded lynchings that took place in Anne Arundel with a monument of sorts they created and asked officials to pick up and place it in a prominent public space.

Newly elected County Executive Steuart Pittman spoke in support of the idea. While he didn’t speak about whether the county would spend resources to transport the monument from Alabama, he suggested spots around the Arundel Center for its eventual placement, including by the entrance.

“We have to make sure that all of us confront the history of Anne Arundel County and I’m one of those,” he said, adding that his family has been in the county for eight generations and owned slaves when it was legal.

“We want to believe that our ancestors were heroes and were wonderful people, but the facts are the facts and we have to live with that,” Pittman said.

Midnight Madness returns to Annapolis on Thursday, with two more dates around the corner

“You get to meet the owners of the store that’s not something you get online or in the express line at the big box store.”

Many people make an evening of it.

“They can start at happy hour, then go shopping — meet the owners, enjoy some music — then get dinner and more shopping,” Evans said. “It’s entertainment retail.”

Some start with the happy hour and stick with it. “Oh, there’s shopping?” some at the bar have been heard to say, tongue firmly in cheek.

The main shopping areas in the city are all aglow for the event. Main Street, Maryland Avenue, West Street, Dock Street and State Circle are dressed up to create a winter wonderland.

There will be music and other attractions scattered about from the band Cousin Eddie to the Salvation Army Band, choral groups, llamas and Santa Claus himself.

The night provides both a yuletide shopping opportunity and a boost for local merchants.

“For merchants, the three Midnight Madness nights can provide 20 (percent) to 30 percent of their December,” Evans said.

Conservatives, why don't you attack these companies that support gay marriage instead of the media.?

You guys always say the "liberal media" is promoting the "gay agenda". And you attack them for it.
There are some great American companies who support me as a gay person, among them, Microsoft and Google.