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#BankBlack proposes moving your money, and nudging society

Greg Akili had just finished paying for his $9 tuna melt at a diner in South Central Los Angeles when his waiter lingered to chat. Akili’s debit card – featuring a painting of a black youth wearing a hoodie and the famous image of the 1968 Olympic medalists, heads bowed, fists raised – had caught the young man’s eye.

For the third time that day, Akili lit up and launched into a conversation he’s been having daily, with strangers and friends alike. The 68-year-old community organizer waved his hands in the direction of his new bank about five blocks up Crenshaw Boulevard: OneUnited, the largest black-owned bank in the country.

“I’ve been trying to convince as many people as I can to open up accounts with black banks and invest in our own community,” Akili said, recounting the recent interaction. “I talk about this almost every time I use my card.

Group to bid on large swath of Detroit properties

At this point, city officials are reviewing the legality of Home Team’s goal to buy 2,000 to 4,000 properties before the auction. The homes are in an area that is south of Eight Mile, west of Woodward and just east of Telegraph. Its jagged southern border reaches Fenkell and, in some cases, beyond that.

It’s too soon to tell what will happen, but, the proposal highlights Detroit’s ongoing homeowner crisis. An average of 11,500 Detroit properties have ended up in the annual Wayne County tax foreclosure auctions in each of the past four years. The properties are put up for auction — in September and October — when an owner fails to pay property taxes for three years along with penalties.

Each January, property owners are notified if their properties are at risk of tax foreclosure. Many scramble to try to reach payment deals, and thousands will be taken off the list. But many will not. The Home Team group says as of January its targeted area has 11,073 properties headed for foreclosure.

Cannot pay mortgage have

My brother has been working with the Bank of America since July 2009 to get emergency assistance on his mortgage. He always worked and paid his bills but was diagnosed with bone cancer and cannot move around - so cannot work.