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BC Law Manufactures Insecurity, Say 'Manufactured Home' Owners


British Columbia NDP MLA Harry Bains introduced a private members' bill on Monday to better protect residents evicted when manufactured home parks are redeveloped. His motion highlights a below-the-radar threat to tens of thousands of B.C. households living in some of the province's most affordable market housing.

This is the third time the NDP has introduced such a bill. The first was 10 years ago, shortly after Bains met an elderly couple facing eviction from their long-term home in a manufactured home park in his Surrey-Newton riding. Bains and the municipality helped stop their eviction, but the story stayed with the MLA.

"These are seniors who built this province," Bains said. "They need to be treated fairly." But sadly, stories like the one that motivated Bains remain common.

Take the situation of Ken Jennings and Mary Lamb-Smith. The elderly pair didn't have a very merry Christmas last year. On Dec. 9 a bailiff delivered a writ of possession to the elderly couple and their neighbours, giving them just three days to pack up their belongings and leave -- along with their homes.

Tenants Celebrate Indictment of Controversial Landlord Steve Croman

First reported.

On the same day, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office slapped Croman and his associates with a lawsuit over the landlord’s alleged efforts to force rent-stabilized tenants out of his buildings with aggressive harassment tactics, Schneiderman’s office confirmed.

Tenants in East Harlem, several of whom participated in the attorney general’s investigation leading to the suit, are now planning a neighborhood-wide party to celebrate the long-awaited indictment.

“We are working out the details, but it will definitely be an occasion to celebrate,” said Juan Haro of tenant advocacy group Movement for Justice in El Barrio.

“We are happy that, thanks to the tenants of these Croman-owned buildings and their contributions to the investigation, it has been fruitful in terms of the charges against him.”

For tenants who claim to have suffered for years under Croman’s alleged harassment techniques, the charges come as a huge relief. 

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