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Money Laundering Discussion; AML Programs; Builder Trends

Huh? There is now  a robot that can build a house in two days ? Sounds pretty good to me... It is certainly a step toward lessening the labor constraint problems that builders have. We've had a lot of builder and building news lately highlighted below.

Here's a topic that comes up once in a while:  money laundering . No, not the kind where you find loose change at the bottom of the washing machine. The kind like "structuring" where someone has $30,000 in cash, pays off their mortgage by $8,000 for three months and then another $6,000, and then refinances to pull it back out. (Why $8 and $6k? Because banks are always on the lookout for cash amounts of more than $10,000.)

Depository banks likes Wells, Citi, Chase, and U.S. Bank occasionally see loans and transactions that violate the Bank Secrecy Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Act (BSA and AML). These loans may also violate a bank's internal policy, and then the correspondent group sends the rejected loan back to the lender who asks, "What the heck?" Depository and non-bank lenders need to train their post-closing departments in the nuances of the BSA and AML.

Judge throws out Brooklyn Bridge Park Pierhouse lawsuit

State Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Knipel on Thursday threw out a lawsuit attempting to block construction of part of the Pierhouse residential/ hotel complex at 130 Furman Street in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The suit, brought by the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) and advocate group Save The View Now (STVN), claimed that a section of the $6 million residential penthouse apartment atop the Pierhouse extends into the protected Brooklyn Heights Scenic View District (SV-1), blocking iconic views of parts of the Brooklyn Bridge as seen from the Promenade.

Justice Knipel dismissed the suit on the grounds that the issue had already been decided in previous court appearances and that the community groups waited too long to file their claims.

In September 2015 and again in December 2015, Knipel dismissed earlier lawsuits against the Pierhouse, making this the third loss for the advocates in court.

The suit was brought against Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City, Empire State Development Corporation, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, developers Toll Brothers Real Estate and Starwood Mortgage Capital, and Pierhouse (Brooklyn Pier 1 Residential Owner).

Cannot pay mortgage have

My brother has been working with the Bank of America since July 2009 to get emergency assistance on his mortgage. He always worked and paid his bills but was diagnosed with bone cancer and cannot move around - so cannot work.