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Lead poisoning has one culprit, advocate says: the lead industry

Five years ago, Tamara Rubin founded Lead Safe America Foundation , a nonprofit organization that offers education, support and advocacy for families of poisoned children.

In those few years, Rubin would never have guessed how her work, spurred by the poisoning of three of her children, would become so important to tens of thousands of people across the United States. Two of Rubin’s children were poisoned as a result of improper practices of a contractor who was hired to renovate her family’s home. A third child was poisoned as a result of the renovations happening in her neighborhood. 

The award-winning organization works with young mothers and families across the nation, many of whom Rubin has connected with on social media, mostly Facebook and Twitter. Last year Lead Safe America connected with 25,000 families. 

Rubin will talk to anybody about lead poisoning from presidential candidates to a mom in Nowhere, Ark., or Flint, Mich. Recently, the drummer of the band Phish, Jon Fishman, and his wife reached out to LSA. Their child had lead poisoning, and they made a donation to the Portland-based nonprofit. In fact, Rubin’s foundation is funded nearly entirely by donations received from parents of lead-poisoned children.

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