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19. History of the Mortgage Market: A Personal Narrative

Financial Theory (ECON 251) Professor Geanakoplos explains how, as a mathematical economist, he became interested in the practical world of ...

Americans Aren’t Struggling Despite Rising Consumer Debt

In the report.

The paper noted that the increase in borrowing on the part of consumers is being driven by lenders willing to lend more as the memories of the financial crisis fade away. Consumer debt began to decline in 2008 — and then in 2014, it started to pick up again as lenders relaxed standards, particularly in the areas of credit cards and car loans, noted the paper.  According to data from Experian, the credit scoring company, consumers owe on average $6,826 on credit cards, which is 1.9 percent higher than September of 2017 and 11 percent higher than 2011. New car loans are averaging $30,977, which is the highest for any third quarter and is up 2 percent from 2017 and 11 percent from four years prior.

What’s making the debt manageable on the part of consumers is wages that are increasing, an economy in the U.S. that is growing and unemployment that currently stands at a fifty year low. There are also interest rates that are still at historic lows that are helping.

Tampa Bay Rays: Going, Going, Gone!

It culminated with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan whiffing on their misguided effort to relocate the Tampa Bay Rays to Ybor City.

Rays’ owner Stuart Sternberg’s earthshaking announcement rejecting the plan, made Tuesday at MLB’s winter meeting in Las Vegas, rattled bones a continent away.

Proclaiming the Ybor effort dead, Sternberg vowed to renew efforts to find a suitable site for a new stadium in order to keep MLB on Florida’s West Coast. 

“We’ll continue to look in Tampa Bay and we’ll put our efforts to that,” Sternberg said at a news conference during the the winter meetings. “One way or another, we need to figure out where the team is going to be in 2028, if not sooner. Ideally sooner. But absolutely by 2028.”

Any new ballpark can’t open until at least 2024 and the team must start thinking about where it will play when its lease at St. Petersburg’s Tropicana Field ends after the 2027 season, he explained.

My family is so messy and my house and yard is so ugly I'm ashamed - please help?

My house is super old with wood siding that looks horrible. My yard is all weeds, no grass, and I've tried to help keep it up. Inside, the house is so ugly and messy. There's no where to put anything.

If you have relatives (who are older) talk to them and see if they can be an influence on your parents.

If not, then I would say find someone that they do talk to and will listen to and tell them about the situation.