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19. History of the Mortgage Market: A Personal Narrative

Financial Theory (ECON 251) Professor Geanakoplos explains how, as a mathematical economist, he became interested in the practical world of ...

Google moves to end website installation of Chrome extensions

Finally, the install installation API (application programming interface) will be deprecated from Chrome 71, which is slated to ship the week of Dec. 2-8. In other words, the programmatic means to install an add-on outside of the Chrome Web Store will be eliminated.

"If you distribute an extension using inline installation, you will need to update install buttons on your website to link to your extension's Chrome Web Store page prior to the stable release of Chrome 71," Wagner warned.

The elimination of inline installation has been long in coming.

Google started its campaign to limit the sources of add-ons, and how they're installed, six years ago this month, when it first required that extensions move to the Chrome Web Store. With one step after another, Google tightened the screws with mandates that, for instance, blocked "silent" installations (February 2013), banned extensions not in the Chrome Web Store (May 2015) and purged add-ons that mine cryptocurrencies (April 2018).

Why GE's Dow Jones Industrial Average Removal May Be Biggest Buy Sign Ever

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) was one of the longest-tenured members of the DJIA, and it was removed from the index this week after over a hundred years as a member. In fact, GE was the last original member of the index, and will be replaced by Walgreens Boots Alliance.

The question is, as with so many other companies that were removed, is this the biggest buy signal in the world for investors? We found four other top companies that were removed at or near trading lows and that have thrived since their removal.

Alcoa Corp. (NYSE: AA) was booted from the DJIA, along with Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard, on September 11, 2013. The main reasons for Alcoa’s eviction at the time were its low stock price and the company’s diminishing role in an economy that had moved away from heavy manufacturing. Also, Alcoa’s market value of $8.5 billion then was easily the lowest among DJIA companies. Alcoa closed this past Wednesday at $45.36. The stock closed at $18.42 the day it was removed from the index.

My family is so messy and my house and yard is so ugly I'm ashamed - please help?

My house is super old with wood siding that looks horrible. My yard is all weeds, no grass, and I've tried to help keep it up. Inside, the house is so ugly and messy. There's no where to put anything.

If you have relatives (who are older) talk to them and see if they can be an influence on your parents.

If not, then I would say find someone that they do talk to and will listen to and tell them about the situation.