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Locations prone to flooding, erosion harder or pricier to get insurance in

Grafton said people who could not get insurance for a property would also struggle to get a mortgage.

"If you can't get insurance the bank won't loan you the money."

Grafton also said those considering paying top dollar for prime coastal properties should think about future erosion issues.

Rising sea levels and coastal erosion could impact properties that were selling for premium prices on today's market.

He said properties which faced flooding or erosion problems in years to come may be harder to get a longer-term mortgage on.

If the term became shorter the payments would increase which would also limit who could afford to buy the property in the future.

When demand, reduced the price of resale could also fall, he said.

Grafton urged people to check out land information memorandums provided by councils for properties to understand what natural hazards the property could face.

But he said each insurer followed its own rules of thumb.

My family is so messy and my house and yard is so ugly I'm ashamed - please help?

My house is super old with wood siding that looks horrible. My yard is all weeds, no grass, and I've tried to help keep it up. Inside, the house is so ugly and messy. There's no where to put anything.

If you have relatives (who are older) talk to them and see if they can be an influence on your parents.

If not, then I would say find someone that they do talk to and will listen to and tell them about the situation.