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Here's how TRID is changing the mortgage industry

The form layout is better. The formulas used and the visual layout is much easier to digest. Simply put, everything fits on the form in a better-looking way than it was formatted before. At a glance, it is easy to see the estimated closing costs and cash to close figures. It’s good to have those numbers easily accessible to see what exactly needs to happen in order to do the deal from start to finish.

The information that is now included makes more sense. The current Good Faith Estimate does not show the total monthly payment or the total amount of cash you need to complete the transaction (including down payment, closing cost, prepaid costs, etc.). The TRID rule is basically adding those elements to the form.

The newly included items are broken down. The new form clearly states what each total is comprised of to ensure that the elements all add up to match what the total cost should be. The new rule is basically an attempt to improve or correct any faults with the current regulations.