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Thanks a Million: Wilmot Black Fly Blitz

Thanks to the work of more than 35 volunteers, the Wilmot Community Association’s 12th annual Black Fly Blitz on Memorial Day was a resounding success. Proceeds from the Black Fly Blitz support the WCA, which owns and operates the WCA’s Red Barn, a community center, and Timothy Patten Park, a beach and playground. The track and cross-country teams at Kearsarge Regional High School also received a portion of the race proceeds.

Several members of the high school track and cross-country teams and their coaches assisted with the race: John Cunningham, Tim Cunningham and David Wallace. KRHS coaches and staff assisting with the event included Peter Angus and Ernie Brake.

Wilmot police Chief David Zuger led the nearly 200 runners on course in a police cruiser. Wilmot Volunteer Fire Department’s FAST Squad members including Joe Bucchieri, Scott Carpenter, Storm Connor, David Herr, Darren Phipps and Tom Scully were on hand to assist with any medical emergencies.

Janet Baker, Deb Beerman, Sondra Brake, Lisah Carpenter, Kimberlee Esposito, Margaret Monto and Jan Sahler baked cookies and provided other foods for participants. Bill Burris set up his wonderful handmade games. He was ably assisted by Bill Doody. Rosanna Eubank-Long applied temporary tattoos – in a black fly motif – to the delight of lots of children and adults.

How good/bad is Citizens Bank (northeast)?

I'm with Navy Federal Credit Union, but I'll have to switch soon because I'll be out of college and I'm not in the military. How good/bad is Citizens Bank? Are there account maintenance fees? How is customer service? How convenient is it?

Answers to all theses questions depend on where you live in relationship to the bank.. the closer you are.. the more convenient... Without knowing your banking habits, anything after that is a guess at best...