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Northeast Bank

Northeast Bank TV Commercial - 2010

Veteran banker leads Northeast Bancorp to new prosperity

The growth was achieved by greatly expanding Northeast’s loan portfolio while it has continued to operate as a full-service community bank. Two particular areas of focus for the bank and its 190 employees have been commercial loan acquisition and U.S. Small Business Administration loan origination, Wayne said.

“We try to look for niches where we have a competitive advantage,” he said.

Among Maine-chartered banks, Northeast had risen to seventh largest by assets as of Dec. 31, 2016, compared with 13th largest four years earlier when its assets totaled just under $700 million, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data.


Wayne’s professional background is unusual for the top executive of a community bank. He is a lawyer and certified public accountant who co-founded a Boston bank called Atlantic Bank & Trust in 1987. When a recession threatened to put the bank out of business in the early 1990s, its business model was altered to take advantage of the economic slump. The bank, renamed Capital Crossing Bank, began buying up and servicing commercial mortgages issued by other, failed banks.

How good/bad is Citizens Bank (northeast)?

I'm with Navy Federal Credit Union, but I'll have to switch soon because I'll be out of college and I'm not in the military. How good/bad is Citizens Bank? Are there account maintenance fees? How is customer service? How convenient is it?

Answers to all theses questions depend on where you live in relationship to the bank.. the closer you are.. the more convenient... Without knowing your banking habits, anything after that is a guess at best...