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Northeast Bank, List of mortgage lenders Maine

Northeast Bank TV Commercial - 2010

Unusual banking model spurs Northeast Bank's growth

The view from the conference room on the fourth floor of Northeast Bank's headquarters in Lewiston extends south as far as Bleachery Hill, once a manufacturing hub in this central Maine city. Immediately adjacent to the large semi-circle window that frames the view are two monitors mounted to a wall. The monitors also have a southerly inclination — toward Boston, where the bank's senior management team is situated.

Video conferencing is the way senior managers connect with the bank's on-the-ground managers in Maine, says CEO Richard Wayne. It's a far cry from how the publicly traded bank, which dates to 1872, was managed prior to December 2010, when a group of investors, led by Wayne, purchased a controlling interest in it.

The unconventional arrangement allows the bank to do two things: nurture its Boston-based loan acquisition division — which reported returns of 16.2% last quarter and 15.8% in fiscal year 2012 — and grow its Maine-based community bank division. The success of one is totally tied to the other, says Wayne. If the community banking division doesn't grow, the loan acquisition division — and its handsome returns — will be stymied.

Lehigh Valley, New Jersey food pantries continue to struggle following food ...

Food pantries and food banks that help feed the Lehigh Valley and northwest New Jersey's hungry say thousands continue to grapple with reduced federal funding for food stamps, which is making it difficult to keep shelves full throughout the holiday season.

Last year, those who qualified for food stamps had faced a reduction after a temporary benefit from the 2009 federal stimulus expired. It meant a 5 percent drop in the $80 billion-a-year federal program and about 20 fewer meals a month for a family of four, according to Feeding America, which makes up the largest network of food banks in the United States.

Throughout the next decade, another $8 billion is projected to be cut to food stamps after the U.S. Congress passed the Agricultural Act of 2014.

That's troubling to food pantry and food bank directors, who say ever since the cuts they've been playing catch-up to try to meet the increased demand for food.

"Every week, I apply for a family whose wage-earner was laid off some time ago and either has not found another job or has found work -- but at a lower wage than they were earning before their layoff," said Kathryn Hoffman, supplemental nutrition assistance program outreach coordinator for Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania.

How good/bad is Citizens Bank (northeast)?

I'm with Navy Federal Credit Union, but I'll have to switch soon because I'll be out of college and I'm not in the military. How good/bad is Citizens Bank? Are there account maintenance fees? How is customer service? How convenient is it?

Answers to all theses questions depend on where you live in relationship to the bank.. the closer you are.. the more convenient... Without knowing your banking habits, anything after that is a guess at best...

Police Log: Modesto Northeast Bank Robbery Suspect Identified

Employees reported a male adult entered the Raley’s store and walked to the Tri Counties Bank counter, where he robbed the bank at gunpoint. Modesto, CA- Modesto Police have identified the suspect from this morning’s bank robbery. On Friday, May 25th, at about 09:28 A. M. , Modesto Police officers were called to the Tri Counties Bank, located inside the Raley’s Shopping Center at 3020 Floyd Avenue. A search of the vehicle revealed evidence linking the suspect to the bank robbery, as well as, a suspicious device, which appeared to be a pipe bomb. A Modesto Police officer, who was responding to the area, saw the suspect enter a black van and drive away. In addition, a neighborhood in northeast Modesto, which had been temporarily cordoned off, has now been re-opened....

Police seek male suspect in Northeast Portland armed bank robbery ...

Ana Mendoza, the owner of the vehicle, said she went into the bank to make a deposit when the man walked into the bank, gun in hand, and told her to get back as he demanded money from the teller. Police say an armed man robbed a Northeast Portland Key Bank , left a suspicious package in the building and fled in a stolen SUV on Monday. "I couldn't say anything at first and I couldn't stop shaking," said Mendoza, 43, from a nearby pizza restaurant. After receiving the cash, said Portland Police spokesman Lt. Robert King, the suspect forced a female customer at gunpoint to relinquish the keys to her white 1997 Toyota 4Runner with a license plate of 110CYU. She said he then turned to her and asked her for the keys to her SUV....