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Insider Trading Activity Northeast Bank (NASDAQ:NBN) – CFO Bought 100 shares of Stock

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Northeast Connection

Sometimes, we’re so used to thinking of Hawaii as an economic and political backwater that we forget the Islands have a key role to play in the Pacific Basin.

For example, the Northeast Asia Economic Forum is an international organization working to advance peace and economic development in a volatile region that includes China, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan. But the secretariat– a diplomatic term for the executive council – is here in Honolulu.

The NEAEF board includes local heavyweights, such as former governor George Ariyoshi and business leader Walter Dods, and prominent UH academics, such as Denise Konan. But, according to board member Wesley Park, the driving force of the organization is founder and chairman Lee-Jay Cho. The former president of the East-West Center and a scholar of Northeast Asian relations, Cho has used his impressive Rolodex of Asian leaders to create an enduring international coalition of politicians, economists and businessmen working to improve economic cooperation in a region better known for conflict.

How good/bad is Citizens Bank (northeast)?

I'm with Navy Federal Credit Union, but I'll have to switch soon because I'll be out of college and I'm not in the military. How good/bad is Citizens Bank? Are there account maintenance fees? How is customer service? How convenient is it?

Answers to all theses questions depend on where you live in relationship to the bank.. the closer you are.. the more convenient... Without knowing your banking habits, anything after that is a guess at best...