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Spring House Hunt: Should parents buy property in a college town?

Tal Rabinowitz had an instinct. Although Rabinowitz, a former NBC Entertainment executive and current meditation studio owner, was just a sophomore at Tufts University, she recognized opportunity when she saw it. “I was shocked by the rents and knew the bar scene in Davis would pick up, so I convinced my parents, who had dabbled in real estate, to buy a place,’’ Rabinowitz said. “To this day, they say it’s the best investment they ever made. It’s tripled or quadrupled in value.’’

That was back in 1996. Rabinowitz, who at 12 years old called a broker to follow up on a too-good-to-be-true real estate listing in The New York Times (it was indeed a misprint) and has since flipped a few properties in her adopted town of Los Angeles, lived in the four-bedroom unit of the two-family triplex with three friends her senior year. Her parents, who hired a property manager to handle the details, rented the lower unit to graduate students. Today, it’s still a source of easy income.

HarborOne Bank Establishes 'HarborOne Mortgage'

“This is a natural evolution for the robust mortgage business we have been building together since HarborOne acquired Merrimack Mortgage Company three years ago,” said HarborOne Mortgage President Pete Makowiecki. “By combining our mortgage operations into a single cohesive unit – we can more efficiently manage the business at scale while also capitalizing on cross sell opportunities for banking products including retail deposits, small business banking and home equity.”

Merrimack Mortgage Company had operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of HarborOne Bank since it was acquired in 2015. Senior leadership of the newly combined HarborOne Mortgage subsidiary will remain unchanged from the leadership team of Merrimack, which is based in Manchester, NH. Merrimack has allowed HarborOne Bank to significantly increase the size of its fee-based mortgage banking business and secure a stronger foothold in key lending markets in the New England region.

What mortgage company would be best for first time home buyers in New England?

I'm looking for info regarding a fixed-rate, low interest home loan.

I'd rather not inquire through a dozen different companies, right away, because they will all run a credit check.

Actually, multiple credit checks within a short period of time don't really hurt your credit. The reporting agencies figure you are shopping for something and it usually only counts as one instance.