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Annual Mid-Maine Chamber awards ceremony recognizes Waterville area individuals, businesses

Chamber President and CEO and Central Maine Growth Council Executive Director Kimberly Lindlof said at the beginning of the ceremony that she was grateful for the support the chamber receives, and she praised the board of directors for all their effort. She also praised the award recipients, saying they all were dedicated to their communities and showed dedication to the region.

Gary Levesque, chairman of the chamber’s board of directors, said this year’s recipients were “a testament of what Mid-Maine has to offer.”

“We have seen what can be accomplished when we work together,” Levesque said.

This year’s winners included a number of either notable or long-standing businesses or individuals. The Business of the Year award went to the Harry J. Smith Co. , an auto repair shop that has been doing business in Waterville for more than a century. Today the shop employs 13 people, handles all forms of vehicle repairs and specializes in wheel alignment, suspension, brake repairs and state inspections. That’s from its humble beginnings in 1917, when Harry J. Smith was doing blacksmith work. He later worked on wagon wheels and horse-drawn carriages before shifting to automobiles.

Easy mobile security the Faraday way

It’s also not a conspiracy theory to believe that crooks can steal the car in your driveway using the wireless “smart key” fob in your bedroom.

The internet was stunned last fall when police in the U.K. released security video showing a so-called relay crime, whereby the wireless signal from the keys of a Mercedes was relayed to a special box to unlock and start the car in the driveway. Two shady characters in hoodies rolled up in a car and, after a few minutes of transmitting wireless signals, rolled away in two cars.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to believe that, if you’re traveling abroad and paying for data by the megabyte, your devices might incur unwanted charges by connecting to the cellular data network and downloading updates or backing up photos and videos. (This happens to me almost every time I travel.)

It’s not a conspiracy theory to believe that some long-term health problem might arise from keeping your smartphone in your front pocket every day, all day.