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January 07 2011 East Coast Mortgages at Thomas Estates, Para

Jim Burton & Claude Sullivan chat about East Coast Mortgages at Thomas Estates Subdivision in Paradise, Newfoundland.

Retirees: 4 ways you can start planning for possible tax law changes now

The Trump administration and Republicans' plan to reform taxes in the U.S. is far from a done deal. What’s more, it’s short on details  — and whatever details there are seemingly change daily.

“In the tax world, a nine-page tax framework is equivalent to a tweet,” says Jean-Luc Bourdon, a wealth adviser and principal at BrightPath Wealth Planning. “It leaves many questions unanswered.”

Not surprisingly, financial experts say there’s not much you should do until the proposals become the law.  

But that doesn’t mean you ought not do some what-if planning. Here’s what experts suggest:

Move to a tax-friendly state?

The so-called “framework” for fixing the tax eliminates most itemized deductions (such as the deduction for state and local taxes), but it retains tax incentives for home mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Seattle's Scorching Housing Market Joining the Ranks of Global Cities


To be sure, boundless job growth within the local tech industry, most notably by Amazon, has eclipsed even the Bay Area, creating unprecedented demand for rental properties. O’Connor is concerned that the region is not generating enough housing, especially in single-family neighborhoods.  Permit activity in King and Snohomish Counties for new houses has plummeted in the current economic cycle notwithstanding steady declines in mortgage interest rates. Conversely, multi-family permit activity is setting new benchmark records in the region in what the experts are referring to as the urbanization of the Pacific Northwest.

Dylan Simon, who specializes in apartment investments, described an environment in downtown Seattle where rising rents (climbing 50 percent in the current decade) and extraordinary levels of global capital have created a modern-day gold rush of investment interest in apartment buildings. 

“The great majority is in the urban core of Seattle,” said Simon. “We have this technology ecosystem and that’s creating a real vibrancy for companies that were based in Silicon Valley to actually move to Seattle and grow here.”

What rights do I have as the owner of a condominium?

I am financially struggling; bought a condo with my boyfriend a few years ago, and the Home Owners Association is a nightmare.

They have decided to spray for termites. We are going through some major financial difficulties right now.

I would check your bylaws. An association cannot evict you because you own your property. The only thing they could do is fine you.