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January 07 2011 East Coast Mortgages at Thomas Estates, Para

Jim Burton & Claude Sullivan chat about East Coast Mortgages at Thomas Estates Subdivision in Paradise, Newfoundland.

Community Hitting the Fairways for Families

The Alana Rose Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was borne out of the tragedy endured by Kyle Prettyman and Alexa Shoultes, who lost their daughter Alana Rose to a neurodegenerative disease at 15 months old, in December 2015.

“I knew we were called to help other families struggling through similar experiences,” wrote Shoultes on the foundation’s website.

According to its website, “The Alana Rose Foundation works to provide financial assistance to help with travel, housing and/or living expenses for qualified families, making children happier and healthier by keeping their family together.”

With that being its mission, the foundation has held a number of fundraisers in order to be able to give funding for families in their time of need.

Families who apply for help must have a child younger than 18 who has a terminal prognosis.

“We work with the social workers at A.I. duPont and some at [Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia] now, who basically find these families for us. They make sure these families are qualified, that they have good intentions,” said Shoultes, vice-president of the foundation.

In Big Six conservation deal, one-quarter of Maine maple syrup ...

But now the future of Big Six’s maple syrup producers — and with them the industry at large — hangs in the balance as a years-long attempt to save the forest runs up against its private landowner’s 2018 deadline to either secure roughly $5.7 million in conservation easement funds to help pay down his mortgage, or start cutting Big Six’s maples.

Losing that maple production could have a damaging effect on the state’s growing maple industry, said Kathryn Hopkins, of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, who added that neither she nor the extension has a position on the Big Six conservation deal. Maine relies on Big Six producers to maintain its position as the third-largest producer in the country.

“I think the thing that Mainers need to remember is that (the industry) is growing every year and gaining in popularity with the public every year,” Hopkins said. “If you want that to continue — and down the line I mean there are suggestions, there have always been suggestions, that Maine should have a big packer and distributor like New Hampshire and Vermont do — well, they can never aspire to that level if they don’t keep their production going. You can’t continue your growth if you cut out 25 percent of your output.”

What rights do I have as the owner of a condominium?

I am financially struggling; bought a condo with my boyfriend a few years ago, and the Home Owners Association is a nightmare.

They have decided to spray for termites. We are going through some major financial difficulties right now.

I would check your bylaws. An association cannot evict you because you own your property. The only thing they could do is fine you.