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Camden National Bank, Anchor Anthem #1

Camden National Corporation (NASDAQ:CAC) Files An 8-K Regulation FD Disclosure

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Plans for The Ecology School move forward

SACO– After a tumultuous site plan review process, The Ecology School has received planning board approval to move forward with its $9 million school, to be built on Simpson Road at River Bend Farm.

The school presented at two previous meetings, on May 2 and June 5, prior to the final June 19 meeting, as well as host a site walk for both the planning board and public on May 22 at River Bend Farm.

The project includes a 7,000-square-foot dining commons and three connected 4,500-square-foot dormitories.

The planning board had tabled the project at the June 5 meeting citing the need for further proof of financial support from the institutions who will fund the project, as well as a more thorough traffic analysis for Simpson Road.

At the June 19 meeting, The Ecology School presented new data from the traffic study, including slides showing the turning radius for trucks and motor coaches entering and exiting both the entrance to the property on Simpson Road as well as onto Simpson Road from Buxton Road.

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Because Pepsi sucks!

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