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Camden National Bank

Camden National Bank, Anchor Anthem #1

Camden National Bank open for business in new Colby building in downtown Waterville

About 70 bank and Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce officials, business people, customers and representatives of Waterville Creates! turned out Monday morning at 150 Main St. to celebrate the opening of the 3,500-square-foot bank branch with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the downtown. Camden has eight employees at the site.

Mike Perreault, executive director of the Maine Film Center, filtered through the crowd, touring Camden’s new home.

“I think this is an incredible space for Main Street,” he said. “It’s state-of-the-art, it’s modern and it’s so convenient, right in the heart of downtown.”

Attendees applauded the new digs as symbolic of ongoing efforts by the city and Colby College to revitalize and invigorate the downtown.

“It’s beautiful — it is absolutely a great space,” said Nathan Towne, marketing director of Waterville Creates!, to which the bank gifted a check for $2,000 Monday as part of the celebration. Towne also is co-owner of Christopher Hastings Confections on Common Street.

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