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Otis Elevator at the Coastal Mortgage Building in Cornelius, NC

This is the elevator at the Coastal Mortgage building in Cornelius NC, it is a series 1 Otis.

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Laurie is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring PaymentVision’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and agreements, compliance risk management, mitigation, and recovery efforts, and internal reporting programs. She is also responsible for formulating and implementing PaymentVision’s policies and procedures and making sure they are communicated across the company. Laurie joined PaymentVision in 2014 as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining PaymentVision, Laurie served as General In-House Attorney of First Southern Bank, where she oversaw regulatory and compliance related activities, federal audits, outside litigation and investigations, and specialty legal functions. She has over 12 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries, where she has held key legal and compliance positions at companies like Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC. and Allegro Funding Corp.

Norfolk Wants to Remake Itself as Sea Level Rises, but Who Will Be Left Behind?

Climate change , sinking land and changing ocean currents have turned Norfolk into a case study on the vulnerability of coastal cities to flooding in a warming world. Over the past two decades, the city has experienced twice as many days of tidal flooding as it had in the previous three decades. At the same time, a warming climate has brought more frequent heavy downpours.

Like many coastal cities, Norfolk has begun raising streets, installing pumps and planning major floodwalls.

But officials here are also embracing a radical, holistic approach to pull Norfolk back from the brink. They want to not just fortify vulnerable areas, but to do so in a way that reshapes and reinvigorates the entire 400-year-old city, which is home to the nation's largest naval base but has seen sluggish economic growth in recent decades.

The aim is to pair climate adaptation with economic development, with an eye toward lifting places like Tidewater Gardens out of poverty and remaking the city into a technology hub for the coastal solutions of the future.