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Employees Are Such Children

The sad truth is that you cannot employ everyone. Some employees will do well, some will not. I liken it to being a driver on a bus. There are some employees you want on the bus, and some you want off the bus. And some employees, you just have to change their seat on the bus. I have found most people do well when they are doing what they like. If you can get the right person for the right job, things go swimmingly. Maybe you hire someone for one job, but they would really do better in another job. Some are just very disruptive and you need to get them off the bus. Oh, and do not feel all sad when you have to fire an employee. You are just helping them get on the right bus where they will do better and be happier. I once had to fire a licensing employee for doing just a horrible job. He later went back to school as a chef and is very happy now. He told me years later, it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Ramblings of an Old Jewish Mortgage Broker and More!

The original July 2001 article, commonly known as the “Where’s Betsy” story, was a huge success when it was published. Carteret Mortgage Corporation was just starting to be well known, and I basically explained how it happened and why. Back then, it was unheard of for a mortgage company to allow their loan officers to work from home, much less, pay them an override on employees they hired. Being the first, I had my share of regulators trying to put me out of business because, as they would say, “It’s just not done.” Now, federal banks are doing it. If you are a loan officer working out of your house, taking care of your kids as you make a lot of money, you can thank me. At the time the article was written in 2001, we were the 18th largest mortgage broker in the country. In 2003, we were the largest.

If you want a copy of the original article or were in elementary school when it was originally published, just e-mail me at .

I recently just turned 55. I have been feeling kind of tired lately. I noticed a lot of advertising on TV for something called “Low T.” That sounded just like me. I figured I would check it out. So, I went to the doctor who took a blood test, but he said that wasn’t it. With a straight face he tells me, “You are old, overweight, smoke, have diabetes and don’t exercise. What do you expect?” At that point, I gave up being young and embraced being old.

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The branch offices are primarily a form of franchise, where each is independently managed and run.