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Employees Are Such Children

The sad truth is that you cannot employ everyone. Some employees will do well, some will not. I liken it to being a driver on a bus. There are some employees you want on the bus, and some you want off the bus. And some employees, you just have to change their seat on the bus. I have found most people do well when they are doing what they like. If you can get the right person for the right job, things go swimmingly. Maybe you hire someone for one job, but they would really do better in another job. Some are just very disruptive and you need to get them off the bus. Oh, and do not feel all sad when you have to fire an employee. You are just helping them get on the right bus where they will do better and be happier. I once had to fire a licensing employee for doing just a horrible job. He later went back to school as a chef and is very happy now. He told me years later, it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

A decade ago App State shocked the football world

BOONE — One of the most defining moments for any college program in history came on Sept. 1, 2007. Appalachian State University, coming off of two straight Football Championship Subdivision National Championships, silenced the Big House with an improbable 34-32 win over then-ranked University of Michigan.

How we got there

The Mountaineers had proven in each of the two seasons prior to this game that they were, by far, the class of the FCS.

In 2005, the Mountaineers reached the playoffs for the first time in three seasons, and after earning the Southern Conference Championship, received the number two overall seed. With that seed, the Mountaineers would be able to play the first round, quarterfinals and semifinals in the friendly confines of Kidd Brewer Stadium, if they were fortunate enough to make it that far.

The Mountaineers defeated Lafayette in the first round, 34-23, and advanced to the semifinals with a 38-24 win over Southern Illinois. The semifinals matchup with Furman turned into a thrilling contest with the Mountaineers scoring a 29-23 win over the rival Paladins to punch their ticket to the then Division 1-AA National Championship game. On the other side of the bracket, Cinderella story Northern Iowa had upset top seeded New Hampshire, 24-21, and fourth seeded Texas State, 40-37.

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I've heard of them. I've been in mortgage banking for 10 years now.

The branch offices are primarily a form of franchise, where each is independently managed and run.