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Recount resolves 2 races

“The luck of the draw,” Mr. Corsello laughed Monday after watching his name selected “by lot” by county elections leaders.

He will return to the Pine Knoll Shores Board of Commissioners for a third term following a deadlocked contest with candidate Alicia Durham.

“Either way, the voters got what they wanted,” Mr. Corsello said of the result.

Monday morning, bipartisan teams recounted 2,586 ballots, double checking the results of the Nov. 7 municipal elections in Pine Knoll Shores and Morehead City, a neck-and-neck contest.

The recount produced no changes, officials confirmed just before noon.

“We counted and we recounted … you all are still even,” Ms. Holland told the Bogue Banks candidates ahead of the draw.

Tied with 242 votes a piece, Mr. Corsello and Ms. Durham watched as officials dropped their names into a clear bowl before drawing one, immediately declaring the winner.

Pulling from a “hat” was just one of the methods the BOE could have used to end the tie, with vague state statute not providing much guidance on the task.

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