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Officials close shelter

Cally Edwards, executive director of the American Red Cross in Northeastern North Carolina, said Friday the Red Cross was working with the county, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other agencies to find housing solutions for each individual and family.

“When a shelter is scheduled to close we typically notify people 48 hours prior to closing,” she said. “The shelters are not intended to stay open a long time. They are not meant to be long-term solutions. We are still working with these people to find viable solutions.”

She added that when a shelter closes, it is a joint decision with the county or governing authorities in that region. She said each of the families or individuals remaining at the shelter were assigned a caseworker to assist them.

County Emergency Services Director Stephen Rea said Friday when the American Red Cross agreed, during an emergency county commissioners meeting Oct. 6, to extend operation of the shelter because so many residents were still displaced, they had informed the county that “Oct. 29 was the longest they could stay.

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