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Bank of England to migrate from core system with a one-off big bang

In February, inviting potential providers to express their interest. A technology delivery partner will be announced in May 2020, and the contract is currently for a maximum cost of £150m and includes technology and support.

The supplier that wins the contract will take on an assignment of national importance and will support a carefully planned project over six years that will culminate in a huge system migration.

Victoria Cleland, executive director of banking, payments and innovation at the Bank of England, said: “I expect a big bang cutover because what you have with RTGS is the core ledger supporting payment transactions worth hundreds of billions of pounds a day, and we can’t have some members on it while others are not.”

After talks with the Bank of England’s internal IT department, it is likely the bank will keep the existing system up and running alongside the new one for a period as a fallback. “So if there was any problem, we know we could recover back to that,” said Cleland.

What happens if one bank closes your account but you have 10 others?

Lets say one bank closes your account due to overdraft that hasn't been paid and they report you to the credit bureau that regulates banks which means you can't open another account.

You can be arrested for over drafting and leaving, a bank account.

Most banks don't mess around with this.

If arrested, they will get restitution and court costs, and so will the court.