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Introduction to how banks make money and the value they (potentially) add to society.

The Mystery of Alexander Hamilton's Bank Clock

A hundred years passed—enough time for a fairy tale to cook. A legend grew around the clock. A subsequent director of the Historical Society referred to it as the Hamilton clock. The story emerged that Alexander Hamilton had gifted the clock personally to his financial brainchild , like a father bestowing a pocket watch to his firstborn. Whether he really did remains an unsolved mystery.

The timepiece in question was monumental. It towered nine feet tall with an enormous dial face that made it look like a bobblehead toy. The mahogany waist of the body, inlaid with a circlet of 16 stars, tapered in as if the clock had been squeezed into a corset. The stars, meant to represent the ever-growing number of states in the union, suggested the clock was made around 1796, when Tennessee achieved statehood. It was just at that time that Hamilton, having left the director role at the Bank of New York to become secretary of the Treasury, launched his vision of a federal financial system, enthroned in the Bank of the United States. The institution sparked heated debate between states’-rights advocates and central-government proponents like Hamilton.

What happens if one bank closes your account but you have 10 others?

Lets say one bank closes your account due to overdraft that hasn't been paid and they report you to the credit bureau that regulates banks which means you can't open another account.

You can be arrested for over drafting and leaving, a bank account.

Most banks don't mess around with this.

If arrested, they will get restitution and court costs, and so will the court.