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Bank One seeks to expand corresponding FI network with newly-created role

Bank One in Mauritius has hired James Kasuyi in a newly-created head of financial institutions (FI) role.

Kasuyi joins from the Mara Group in Rwanda, where he was head of business and corporate development and responsible for capital raising activities for Mara Phones, a new venture to fully manufacture the first smartphones in Africa. He previously spent six years at the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) in Kenya, most recently as trade finance and communications officer.

Kasuyi has held prior posts at the likes of Africa Investor, EagleQuest Trading and Wachovia Securities, amongst others. He remains chairman of the advisory board of Profectus Capital, a boutique investment firm that provides financial services and advisory solutions to micro, small, and medium enterprises in Africa, and retains his seat on the select advisory committee of the Africa-America Institute, an education organisation.

What happens if one bank closes your account but you have 10 others?

Lets say one bank closes your account due to overdraft that hasn't been paid and they report you to the credit bureau that regulates banks which means you can't open another account.

You can be arrested for over drafting and leaving, a bank account.

Most banks don't mess around with this.

If arrested, they will get restitution and court costs, and so will the court.

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