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Looking for a bank branch? Why one area city isn't your best option

While populations are on the rise in several cities across the United States, it seems bank branches are being shut down in droves.

According to a new study, a nearby city is in the top five among those which are losing branches at a high rate .

Stockton's rate of 17.9 percent is the fourth-highest in a 10-year span among 100 cities on MagnifyMoney's study, which was released Wednesday. Only Lakeland, Fla., Buffalo, N.Y., and Baltimore had higher percentages. Stockton's number comes despite the city about 45 miles south of Sacramento having a smaller number of bank locations per capita than several places listed.

"Stockton started with fewer bank branches on a per capita basis than most other big cities (18 versus an average of 30 for every 100,000 residents), but that didn’t stop them from closing their doors at a rate of 18 percent over the last 10 years," the report reads. "If the city’s guaranteed basic income experiment works out, banks may take another look at the struggling community.

A mobile payments app from US banks is less than a year old, but rivals Venmo's volume

Venmo is just one page in PayPal's mobile payments portfolio, though — the company, across all of its P2P platforms, moved $27 billion in the last quarter alone — so Zelle hasn't proven to be a threat yet.

"We have tremendous momentum behind our broader [person-to-person segment]," Ready said. "As other players come into the space, our growth has only accelerated."

New players in the sector, Ready said, contribute to broader user education, bringing new users into the ecosystem and, in many cases, sending them to the established incumbents.

Zelle, though, stands to capitalize on an older demographic less concerned with social features and more concerned with security. It's also no-fee, where the Venmo and Cash apps take a small percentage for certain transactions.

The rollout has been gradual and thus far quiet, as individual banks integrate Zelle into their banking apps.

The adoption challenge for Zelle is a unique one.

What happens if one bank closes your account but you have 10 others?

Lets say one bank closes your account due to overdraft that hasn't been paid and they report you to the credit bureau that regulates banks which means you can't open another account.

You can be arrested for over drafting and leaving, a bank account.

Most banks don't mess around with this.

If arrested, they will get restitution and court costs, and so will the court. мгновенный займ на qiwi киви.