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National Cheat Sheet: Mall landlords take on religious institutions as tenants, Easyknock offers reverse mortgages ...

Religious institutions increasingly taking vacant retail space in malls

Call it a Hail Mary play: landlords are taking a fresh look at churches to fill vacancies in struggling retail centers. The interest marks a departure for landlords, who typically considered religious institutions to be weak tenants, as they are usually not open all week and could be harder to evict since they don’t pay rent, the Wall Street Journal reported. At least 111 malls and open-air centers now have churches in them, according to an analysis of August 2017 data from the Directory of Major Malls, which tracks 8,200 retail centers in the U.S. There are three churches in the Grand Cities Mall in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and the Outlets in Loveland, Colorado leases 34,000 square feet to three churches and a synagogue. [WSJ]

Startup Easyknock wants to cash in on stricter reverse mortgage rules

A startup wants to convert homeowners — who may be having trouble qualifying for reverse mortgages under stricter federal rules — into renters. Easyknock, an online platform that connects home sellers to buyers, is launching a product next week called Sell and Stay. Homeowners who want to unlock the equity in their homes but don’t qualify for a reverse mortgage can sell their property online, with a stipulation that lets them stay on as renters for a set period of time. Tighter federal rules limiting how much cash borrowers can take out through reverse mortgages took effect on Oct. 2. Sell and Stay is launching in New York City, Long Island, several cities in California, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Orlando and Houston. The company raised $1.2 million in a seed funding round led by Cambridge Innovation Capital last month.

Mortgage Assistance? With the multitude avenues reported in the news about mortgage relief, where is the best?

source of information. I am not in default of my mortgage. My payments have never been late. We have been in this house for 5 years. We have an interest rate of 5%.

Absolutely NOTHING. Your loss of value is intangible and Zillow posts a warning that their estimates are not guaranteed. Enjoy your home and stop worrying.