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Jacques Kelly: Kirk Avenue's Compound, an artists' commune in need of some work

They were not evicted but the building was written up. To address the violations, the group formed a nonprofit, called The Compound, to carry out the required fixes. Working with Baltimore Arts Realty Corp.’s Amy Bonitz, they developed a $1.56 million wish list, but they still needed funding. The state of Maryland awarded The Compound a $200,000 Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative grant. A state bond bill included a $250,000 allocation for it.

The scope of work includes demolition of two vacant adjacent rowhouses, stabilization of four rowhouses, a new water line and sprinkler system, and combining the electrical service into one service. There are also fire exit improvements and needed roof repairs.

The Compound members remain resilient and want to protect their creation.

“Our method has been to do The Compound with sweat equity,” Wisniewski said. “The code compliance issue has derailed us a bit, but we’ll be better in the long run for addressing these issues — and remain the kind of place we want to be.

Mortgage Assistance? With the multitude avenues reported in the news about mortgage relief, where is the best?

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