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School District 308 looks at county sales tax option

Big ticket items, namely cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as services, are exempt from the sales tax as well.

How public school districts can use the revenues from the sales tax is "narrowly" defined in the law, she said.

"It is a school facilities sales tax strictly limited to facility-related purposes and not operating expenses," she said.

She said these would include new construction, additions and renovations, life/safety improvements, technology infrastructure upgrades, energy efficiency, demolition and land acquisition.

Noble said districts are not allowed to use the revenues for teacher and staff salaries, textbooks, computers or buses.

The discussion comes as School District 308 is taking a hard look at its budget. Superintendent John Sparlin said a recent review of the district's five-year financial projections show a need to make cuts in order to balance the budget.

"While you can't look at (a sales tax) as a solution for an overall deficit and structural problem you are dealing with, it can indirectly help you because this money can be used to take on expenditures you are currently spending," Noble said.

2017 CITY COUNCIL: Who best can represent dynamic Original ...

AURORA | Sally Mounier is hoping to hold on to her seat as the Aurora City Council’s Ward I representative, but she faces a challenge from Crystal Murillo, the 23-year-old candidate who grew up in the ward.

Murillo is the daughter of immigrants, a renter and first in her family to earn a college degree — all things she says she believes better aligns her with the diversity of the ward. Mounier has lived in Ward I for nearly 20 years, and, like Murillo, wants to keep the ward affordable and desirable for its residents, especially as home prices and rents continue to grow around the Denver metro area.

“I’m adamantly opposed to gentrification,” Mounier said during an Aurora Channel 8 candidate forum, despite development, such as the Anschutz Medical Campus and surrounding projects, popping up within the ward.

Murillo had similar thoughts on the topic during the forum.

“We are at risk of gentrification,” Murillo said of her home in Ward I. “(We’re at risk) of losing people who have called Aurora home for decades.”

Is the recession over?

Hey, look at that idiot right above me blaming conservatives. We have been telling them for months and months that a mega-depression is coming. We told them they were a big fail. We told them they were like locusts...destroying and then pointing the finger.