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Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter announces run for Colorado governor

DENVER | Six-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter is entering Colorado’s race for governor in 2018, saying he can do more for Colorado at home than he can in Washington.

Perlmutter formally announced his candidacy at a rally Sunday in Golden, Colorado, and quickly established himself as the front-runner in the Democratic primary. Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, is stepping down because of term limits.

Perlmutter, whose competitive Jefferson County district is home to private aerospace firms and federal research laboratories, said it’s getting tougher to get things done in the nation’s capital.

“The Trump administration, coupled with the gridlock that exists in Congress, really is causing things to go backward,” Perlmutter said in an interview. “I feel I can provide more service and leadership at home than I can in Washington.”

“The Republican Party can’t agree with itself right now. When the majority party is kind of in a chaotic state, nothing moves,” he said.

Is the recession over?

Hey, look at that idiot right above me blaming conservatives. We have been telling them for months and months that a mega-depression is coming. We told them they were a big fail. We told them they were like locusts...destroying and then pointing the finger.