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Special buses drove Aurora VA staff 176 yards for 5 years

DENVER -- Over budget by nearly $1 billion, the cost of the recently opened Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Aurora are, by now, well known.

However, the FOX31 Problem Solvers keep discovering ways the VA has used tax dollars in ways that don't seem to make much sense.

The Problem Solvers' latest discovery is a nearly five-year program which provided a fleet of employee-only shuttle buses to drive staff between the North and South doors of the facility during the construction phase.

A FOX31 investigative team spent significant time over the summer recording empty buses which drove in short circles.

At times, three airport-passenger-type shuttles ran on 12-hour schedules. Each bus had an assigned driver. Based on our observations, the shuttle vehicles idled with engines running the entire day. Operators would sit and wait for about half an hour in one of two roundabouts before swapping positions at a different door. If a passenger did arrive to be transported, that bus would drive the staff person to the opposing door, while an empty shuttle would drive the 176 yards to swap positions with the prior shuttle.

Foxconn, Advocate Aurora Health, Johnson Controls and Northwestern Mutual create $100 million venture fund

The catalyst

The concept for the Wisconn Valley Fund came from Foxconn, said Tim Sheehy, president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. But he said the company wanted partners that shared its interest in such areas as smart cities and health care and had the financial wherewithal to join in the effort.

"It was a coalition of the willing," Sheehy said.

Asked how Wisconsin stands to benefit from a fund that won't have a state focus, Schlifske said, "I think the benefit to Wisconsin is that we're building a venture capital fund that doesn't even exist, and as that grows, I think the cool thing is when this is successful, that won't be it; there'll be another one (that will) be bigger."

"So not only are we growing the investment side of it and the people who work for that investment, but all of the technology transfer is going to be for companies here, which should make us bigger and better," he said.

Is the recession over?

Hey, look at that idiot right above me blaming conservatives. We have been telling them for months and months that a mega-depression is coming. We told them they were a big fail. We told them they were like locusts...destroying and then pointing the finger.