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City Wide Kin L-MO

"You A Pussy" City Wide Kin "L-MO" Dedication to the Haters

Prayer gathering ends events promoting 72-hour citywide ceasefire

She said she delivered a message of hope and perseverance.

Bridgeford, who works as the training director for Community Mediation Maryland, said she’s currently recruiting and working to train youth to become leaders in the ceasefire movement.

She’ll also work with three city schools this fall — Belmont Elementary, Digital Harbor High School , and Creative City Public Charter School — to provide those students with conflict resolution training.

Rayner Wharton, Sr., senior pastor of Connexion Point Church in the 3800 block of Edmondson Ave., also led the group in afternoon prayer.

“Let there be a ceasing of gun violence that will last beyond this weekend,” Wharton said.

The afternoon was filled with a series of prayers, uplifting songs and church hymns. At certain points, the crowd was encouraged to shake hands, hug, and sing. Religious leaders such as Wharton and Bozzelli read the names of the 28 people killed in the past 30 days.

Burrell-McDonald called out the name of her late brother, Clyde Burrell, Jr., 66, and his fiancé, Rona Brand, 54.

Supes, neighbors block Ford GoBike's citywide expansion

Ford GoBike’s expansion has been halted and slowed across The City, and the reason given is often the same — there wasn’t enough notice given.

From Glen Park to the Haight, the Mission District and most recently, the Marina, residents are pushing back against the rental bike docks, which are usually placed in parking spaces meant for cars.

And as the bike rental service is on the cusp of its planned expansion to 7,000 bikes Bay Area-wide, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is also increasingly pushing back against it and the Lyft-owned company that operates the program, Motivate, by saying that not enough notice has been offered to neighbors about new station installations.

In other words, it’s process, process, process.

But while each supervisor sees this problem through a neighborhood-focused lense, each individual battle adds up: The bikeshare-slowdown now stretches citywide.

Some neighborhoods bloom with bike options, while others languish as blank stretches on the bikeshare map.