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"You A Pussy" City Wide Kin "L-MO" Dedication to the Haters

NYC transit projects 2018: Subway upgrades, Citywide Ferry, LaGuardia renovation and more

LaGuardia Airport will be completely rebuilt over the next four years under a plan from Cuomo and his Airport Advisory Panel.

The estimated $8 billion project, which began in 2016, will link all four terminals through one new facility that will be built 600 feet closer to the Grand Central Parkway. The slight move will make way for two miles of aircraft taxiways to improve plane movement, leading to a reduction in delays, according to Cuomo. A new 3,000-car parking garage, called the West Parking Garage, is also in the works, as well as more mass transit connections.

In August, Cuomo announced a proposal to build an AirTrain from the Willets Point 7 train station and a ferry service to the Marine Air Terminal, the second phase of which has been approved by the Port Authority of New York for $55 million.

The second half of the renovation will involve redeveloping and connecting the Delta-operated terminals C and D to the unified airport.

The governor's office estimates that the facility will be open to the public in 2019 with the entire project completed two years later in 2021.

Harrington calls for citywide minimum wage

Is an hour of work worth a hamburger and a Coke?

That’s the question Sonoma City Councilmember Amy Harrington asked at the Council’s Dec. 18 meeting, when she called for her colleagues to consider establishing a citywide minimum wage.

In arguing for city officials to consider a city minimum wage, Harrington framed it within the context of the housing crisis.

“We’re in this discussion in which we’re nonplussed about why people can’t afford housing and when we go through all of the factors people are always talking about supply and demand,” said Harrington. “But another critical factor and a reason why people cannot afford housing is because people are making $10 an hour.”

She compared the state’s current $10 an hour wage floor to some of the things it can buy.

“A third of a pepperoni pizza,” said Harrington. “Or, if you’re lucky you can get a hamburger and a Coke.”

Added Harrington: “When someone is making a third of a pepperoni pizza an hour, it’s not shocking that they can’t afford rent.”