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City Wide Kin L-MO

"You A Pussy" City Wide Kin "L-MO" Dedication to the Haters

Vegas casino workers vote on citywide strike

LAS VEGAS — Hundreds of unionized Las Vegas casino workers gathered at a university arena in red T-shirts and work uniforms as they voted Tuesday on whether to call for a citywide strike that could have huge financial implications for the tourist-dependent destination.

Members of the Culinary Union cast ballots in the first of two separate sessions expected to draw as many as 25,000 workers and show the collective power of the largest labor organization in Nevada.

A majority yes vote would not immediately affect the casinos but would give union negotiators a huge bargaining chip by allowing them to call on a strike at any time starting June 1.

“I’m here to show the younger generations that this is the way we fight to maintain our jobs, job security, health benefits and to gain a pay raise,” Lewis Thomas, a utility porter at the Tropicana casino-hotel, said before voting. “This will be a wake-up call to let (the companies) know we are together, we are united, we are not separated.

Meet the Israeli company ready to sell citywide surveillance

Large public places, such as airports or shopping malls, have already been turned into surveillance free-for-alls, where people’s every move is catalogued for the sake of profit. Now, one prominent company is ready to help governments spread that same surveillance technology over entire cities.

Israeli company Jenovice Cyber Labs is poised to launch new products that monitor everything from prisons to heavily populated areas, depending on what exactly customers want, CyberScoop has learned. It’s a particularly provocative product coming in the wake of DHS  detecting Stingray cellphone spying devices  across Washington, D.C., but all too easy to fathom based on  the way companies make millions  off the collection of location-based data.

Jenovice’s Metropolink, which is only available for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is sold as an “autonomous” surveillance system meant to monitor entire metropolitan areas. The capabilities list reads like hacker tech from a Jason Bourne movie: It’s advertised as being able to locate, list, map, track, analyze and visualize all Wi-Fi networks and identities across whatever environment a customer chooses.