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Bad Credit Mortgage, Personal Loans, Payday Loans, Auto Loans, Car Loans, Credit Card,Refinace Car Loan And All Types Of Loans Visit Us Now And ...

5 States With the Highest Average Credit Scores

The many ways your credit report and score impact your life

For instance, prospective employers can request to see your credit report during the hiring process. Chances are late payments aren't going to sting your chances of landing a job, but repossessions and extended delinquencies could demonstrate a lack of financial responsibility. Similarly, a landlord renting an apartment, condo, or home is likely going to take a gander at your credit report. If your report is below average, you may not get the home of your dreams.

And there's more. Insurance companies use a modified credit-scoring system as one component to calculate what you pay for auto and home insurance. Studies have proven that persons with poor credit scores cost insurers more, so they usually have to pay more for coverage.

Utilities, such as water and power, can't deny coverage to anyone, regardless of their credit history. However, they can demand a considerably higher deposit before starting service if your credit report is less than stellar. If you have good or excellent credit, no deposit, or a small deposit, is all that may be required.

Harney: 'Credit-repair' claims a scam

You’ve almost certainly seen or heard pitches for “credit repair” services promising to clean up your credit problems, reduce debt or even raise your credit scores by 100 points or more.

Come-ons like these can be especially seductive for people seeking to buy a home and apply for a mortgage who have negative items in their credit reports. In order to qualify for a loan, they’re told, they need to make their credit look better — mainly by neutralizing the bad stuff in their files at the national credit bureaus, whether it’s accurate or not. But mortgage and credit industry experts warn that repair services can be far more harmful to homebuyers than they suspect — even get them rejected on the spot.

Two new legal settlements from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — involving more than $2 million in penalties against credit repair companies — offer mortgage applicants sobering reminders about what to avoid if you feel you need help with your credit.

Can someone please explain the correlation between credit/mortgage fears and the stock market?

"Major gauges tumble on credit and mortgage market fears; Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 all down 10 percent off highs - reaching market correction levels."

This was the headline on CNN.

I work for one of the largest (still standing) mortgage banks in the county. I've been in and out of the industry for 10 years. I got out in the last crash in 1998. By the looks of things, it's a lot worse than it was 10 years ago.