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Bad Credit Mortgage, Personal Loans, Payday Loans, Auto Loans, Car Loans, Credit Card,Refinace Car Loan And All Types Of Loans Visit Us Now ...

Bad Credit Mortgage, Personal Loans, Payday Loans, Auto Loans, Car Loans, Credit Card,Refinace Car Loan And All Types Of Loans Visit Us Now And ...

What's a credit freeze, and should you do it?


If you were affected by the Equifax hack, it doesn't necessarily mean you've been a victim of identity theft. You'll want to keep a close eye on your credit reports, as well as your bank and credit card accounts to look for any suspicious activity.

If someone does open a line of credit in your name, it should show up on your credit report. To fix that mess, you'll have to prove that you didn't open the account. And you might have to clear bad debt information from your credit report.

It could be a long process. Click here to find out where to start.


A credit report is different than your credit score.

The report lists all your credit card accounts and any loans you've ever borrowed, your payment history, and other personal financial information. It also lists companies that have pulled your credit. You're allowed to request a copy for free three times a year, one from each of the credit rating agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You can access your free report online at

Ally Invest (formerly TradeKing) Online Discount Broker Review

Consumers once did all of their banking with the brick and mortar banks close to their home. This meant all of their credit cards, mortgage, brokerage account, and savings and checking account all were at the same bank.  With the acquisition of the online discount broker TradeKing, Ally is attempting to wind the clock back to the good ole’ days and dominate the finance world once again.

The world of online discount stock brokers was a much more saturated space years ago.  Names like TradeMonster, TradeKing, Zecco, ShareBuilder, OptionsHouse and so on were the go-to spots for cheap stock trading.  Today, all of those names are gone. Bigger fish have gobbled them up (namely Ally, E*Trade and Capital One).

Using the innovation driven platforms, banks like Ally have expanded their customer base. Now they offer an online brokerage service.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Ally Invest.

Can someone please explain the correlation between credit/mortgage fears and the stock market?

"Major gauges tumble on credit and mortgage market fears; Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 all down 10 percent off highs - reaching market correction levels."

This was the headline on CNN.

I work for one of the largest (still standing) mortgage banks in the county. I've been in and out of the industry for 10 years. I got out in the last crash in 1998. By the looks of things, it's a lot worse than it was 10 years ago.