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The UN and NWO had their test run causing Argentina to totally collapse, then take over all their wealth and assets. film - And ...

Hedge Fund Sues to Have Puerto Rico's Bankruptcy Case Thrown Out

A hedge fund sued on Monday to have Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy case thrown out, arguing that the federal oversight board guiding the island’s financial affairs was unconstitutionally established.

In a lawsuit filed in United States District Court in San Juan, the hedge fund, Aurelius Capital, cited the “appointments clause” of the United States Constitution, which calls for all principal officers of the federal government to be appointed by the president, and then confirmed by the Senate.

That did not happen when the seven members of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico were selected, Aurelius said in its motion to dismiss the bankruptcy-like proceedings. The board members were instead “handpicked by individual members of Congress,” it said, through “an intricate system of Balkanized lists, designed to severely constrain the president’s appointment powers.

Meet the Scientists Hunting and Saving Wild Sunflower Seeds

We're crawling along Highway 95, just south of Hanksville, Utah, when Laura Marek spots it: a flash of yellow amid the region’s red and ochre sandstone cliffs. “There! Up that draw!” Marek exclaims, pointing at a sandy ravine across the road and steering our rented SUV onto the shoulder.

Marek, a plant physiologist, climbs out, clips a small GPS unit to her belt, and secures the floppy hat and biker glasses that shield her from the desert sun. She and Gerald Seiler, a research botanist, grab their low-tech collecting gear: garden gloves and paper lunch bags. Within seconds, the two sixty-somethings are scrambling up the dunes, using their hands for balance in the shifting sand.

“Aha!” Marek lets out a small yelp of delight as she nears the yellow patch, convinced they’ve found their quarry. It is Helianthus anomalus, a rare and elusive sunflower that grows only in the dunes and hummocks of the southwestern desert. The plants’ thick, hairy stems emerge sturdily from the sand, apparently undeterred on this arid June morning.