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Where Will Federal IT Be When the Next World Cup Kicks Off?

, But there are more commonalities that you might imagine. Ardent supporters of IT modernization might soon have as much to cheer about as the French.

Let’s take a look at some of the major developments that could occur in Federal IT before the next biggest installment in world sports rolls around, alongside similar developments across the footballing landscape.

New Stars Could Be Shining

Kylian Mbappé–the teenage French phenom whose winning smile and blistering on-field pace took the world by storm this past month–is poised to be a global superstar in world soccer for years to come. Others , like France’s Pavard and Mexico’s Lozano, were standouts who will no doubt be back in the spotlight soon.

These youngsters could be on top of the world in four years’ time and the ones to watch at the next tournament. So where will Federal IT’s new darlings be when that time comes?

The Technology Modernization Fund is just getting off the ground , but could be a winning concept that brings Federal IT savings into a whole new era. The winning projects are already laying out their plans for cost-savings , and in four years the newly-gained efficiencies could be hitting mid-season form.