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US Bank Mortgage - Today's Marketplace on KARE-TV - 1/25/2011

HarborOne Bank Acquires Cumberland County Mortgage

The acquisition immediately positions HarborOne as an industry leading home lender in Maine. Cumberland County Mortgage did $131.59 million in loan volume in 2016.

“This is a natural evolution for the robust mortgage business we have been building in northern New England,” said HarborOne Bank President Joseph Casey.

Cumberland County Mortgage has already been a source of significant revenue for HarborOne through its long-term third-party mortgage originator relationship with Merrimack Mortgage Company – a wholly owned subsidiary of HarborOne Bank.

“Cumberland County Mortgage was founded by a local Maine entrepreneur in 2000, and the company has achieved remarkable levels of success from Portland all the way up to Augusta,” said Merrimack Mortgage President Pete Makowiecki. “This will allow us to create more value through improved pricing and offer access to renovation lending and better jumbo loan options, as well as other opportunities.

Can a Canadian obtain a mortgage from a US bank for a house in Canada?

With US mortgage rate dropping and a strong Canadian dollar, I am interested in finding out if I can have a portion or all of my mortgage from an American bank. Is this feasible? Please advise.

Yes this is possible many banks lend in multiple countries. This is more prevelant in the residential market.