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PHH Mortgage, US Bank Mortgage Rate Deals Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

10 year loan deals have been published at 3.590% at the bank carrying an APR of 3.853%.  20 year FRM interest rates at the bank have been published at 3.875% yielding an APR of 4.018% today.  

5 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages at PHH are coming out at 3.875% carrying an APR of 4.138%.  The 7/1 ARMS are listed at 3.875%  and the APR is 4.110%.  The 10 year ARM loans have been listed at 3.920%  with a starting APR of 4.101%.  

Interest Rates for Refinance

The best 30 year refinance fixed rate mortgages at PHH are coming out at 3.50% and APR of 3.723%.  The shorter term, popular 15 year refi fixed rate mortgages are coming out at 2.75% carrying an APR of 3.239% today.  The 7/1 ARM loans have been offered at 2.625%  with a starting APR of 3.141%.  

More specifically, the stock price of PHH moved ahead to 11.26 up +0.31%.

Can a Canadian obtain a mortgage from a US bank for a house in Canada?

With US mortgage rate dropping and a strong Canadian dollar, I am interested in finding out if I can have a portion or all of my mortgage from an American bank. Is this feasible? Please advise.

Yes this is possible many banks lend in multiple countries. This is more prevelant in the residential market.