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EMC / Bears Stearns Instigate Midwest Mortgage Crisis - Spurs Innovation

Homeowner finds innovative uses with "For Sale" signs

Wells Fargo announces sale of 52 branches to Flagstar Bancorp

“We're also excited about the opportunity to meaningfully transform the bank's balance sheet, while benefiting from funding that's both more efficient and less sensitive to rising interest rates,” he said. “This acquisition strengthens our funding platform and enhances franchise value.”

The transaction will increase liquidity at FBC that can be used to repay short-term Federal Home Loan Bank advances, the company explained. It also moves funding from wholesale borrowings to core deposit, reducing rate sensitivity of funding base.

Wells Fargo’s announcement to sells its retail branches comes on the heals of its announcement its mortgage profits are struggling amid increased competition.

Margins will continue to narrow not only for Wells Fargo, but also for other banks as competitors fight for the diminishing market share of originations. Movement Mortgage , for example, recently announced it will  lay off  100 of its employees across four locations as it faces lower originations and slower growth than it expected.

Why Nebraska has an amazing jobs market but nobody is moving there

Ratzlaff has been in the manufactured and modular home business for 50 years. He’s also a devoted hunter who remembers a time, not long ago, when he could head out and bag three or four pheasants in one morning. Now, it’s been at least two years since he’s even seen that many pheasants in a day -- all the marginal land where they used to nest has been plowed under to fit more crops.

If the farmers aren’t leaving enough room for a pheasant nest, then they definitely don’t have enough room to sell off edge lots for entry-level housing.

Problem two: The hidden costs of higher standards

In Nebraska, mobile-home retailers say it’s not just land costs that have lifted prices: It’s now more expensive to stick a mobile home into the ground. In December 2015, the Department of Housing and Urban Development began enforcing strict installation standards in Nebraska and other states that lacked local oversight.

Poll: What is your mortgage payment and Insurance cost for your 2+ bedroom / 2 bath HOUSE and what region?

We live in Lawton Oklahoma and we have a 1600sqft 3 bedroom, 2 full bath house with an attached 2 car garage, large privacy fenced in yard and covered patio. Our mortgage payment is 644 a month, 80 for taxes and 80 for insurance for a total of 804 a month.