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MORTGAGE LOANS Bad Credit Mortgage If you're a first time home buyer, we offer a variety of loan programs to assist you in making your first ...

Financial resolutions for 2018

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Track your finances: The first step toward financial improvement is to get the lay of the land. A minority of Americans have a budget, according to survey data from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Consider utilizing one of the many online tools and mobile apps available to help you track your income and expenses to better identify opportunities to save more and / or reduce debt. Automate where possible: One of the most easily avoidable mistakes that people make in regards to their finances is missing due dates. Often due to pure forgetfulness, tardiness can have serious ramifications on your financial life – such as missed credit card payments fostering credit score damage. Set up recurring monthly payments from a checking account to pay off your credit card each month in full.

Police peddling guns: Good or bad? Some law agencies push back

It’s fears of tragedies like that, or worse, that have created a split among law enforcement officials over the reselling of confiscated guns by police departments, a longtime practice allowed in most states.

Juhl’s gun was among nearly 6,000 firearms that were used in crimes and then sold by Washington law enforcement agencies since 2010, an Associated Press review found. More than a dozen of those weapons later turned up in new crime investigations inside the state, according to a yearlong AP analysis that used hundreds of public records to match up serial numbers.

The guns were used to threaten people, seized at gang hangouts, discovered in drug houses, possessed illegally by convicted felons, hidden in a stolen car, and taken from a man who was committed because of erratic behavior.

While those dozen or so guns represent an extremely small percentage of the resold firearms, some police departments contend the law shouldn’t be doing anything to put weapons back on the street. The AP did not look at how many of the resold guns figured in crimes committed out of state, so the actual number of misused weapons could be higher.

Real Estate - Short Sale Letter of Intent SCAM?

Okay.... So I have owned my home since July 2008. I know I owe more than what it is worth, but who doesn't these days? I am not more than 50K under water & am only 25 and have faith the market will come back in my lifetime.

Sounds like a scam to me. It's a good thing you took time to post this information and in a away, shared a warning.

What you can do is seek the help of a lawyer.

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