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Fifth Third Bancorp 4th-quarter earnings edge down
Fifth Third said overall credit trends were favorable, with fourth-quarter net charge-offs of bad loans at $148 million, down from $109 million in the third quarter and virtually flat with $147 million in the prior-year quarter. Kevin T. Shannon

CFPB Directors Cordray's Prepared Remarks on Housing Market Reform
Bad products can upend whole neighborhoods as well as individual households. You can tell me better The list is long, so bear with me – we take complaints about mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, student loans, auto loans, credit reporting

Indiana police chief accidentally shoots himself
In the complicated relationship between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church, the White House sees the popular new pontiff and his emphasis on the plight of the poor as a form of moral validation of the president's economic agenda

Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight
Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight For the last dozen years we have quarreled about how to calibrate underwriting of mortgages. A hysterical mob still imagines bubbles around Too many defaults means that underwriting was too easy (although a flow of really bad credit will defer the

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Quick: When was the last time you changed your sheets? If you can't remember, we won't judge—you're in good company ( 38% of Americans wash their sheets less than once a week). But after you read this, you might want to strip your bed, pronto.

This year, we launched a series where we put all aspects of homeownership under a microscope—literally. In " According to Science ," we take a look at the scientific reasons behind what's happening in your home, the weird stuff that can be avoided, and, in this instance, what's lurking under your covers.

“Body oils, sweat, and sloughed-off skin," answers  Bill Carroll Jr. , an adjunct professor of chemistry at Indiana University. “We live in a world of pathogens, and not all are virulent enough to take us down. But can bedclothes spread disease? Kind of." Yuck.

Can't miss tip: We'll let you read up on the bacterial Armageddon that's happening every day you don't wash your sheets. But if you want to slow down the invasion, just make a simple adjustment to your bed-making routine: Each morning, pull all the covers down from the fitted sheet and let things air out for a few minutes. This lets the sweat and moisture evaporate from your sheets.

What to expect when your bank sells your checking account

What’s being sold

Wells Fargo is selling roughly $2.3 billion in deposits. In the states impacted by the acquisition, Flagstar will take over:

Consumer and small business deposit accounts (including debit cards). Personal loans. Small business loans. Direct auto loans. Business direct (both commercial and industrial).

Wells Fargo is holding on to its other accounts in the Midwest, including:

Consumer and small business credit cards. Home loans. Investment and wealth management. Indirect auto loans (through dealerships). Wholesale banking. Business banking.

All 490 team members affected by the sale received offers to work at Flagstar, which will reach out to customers with the accounts they’re acquiring.

Steps to take now

Customers should take steps to prepare for the transition. Former Wells Fargo customers in the region will not be able to access online banking over the weekend. Debit cards won’t work either. Some ATMs may be unavailable, but you’ll be able to withdraw cash fee-free from one of Flagstar’s 56,000 ATMs, which you can find at many stores like Target and CVS. If your account is being transferred to Flagstar, note that you’ll also be unable to make bill payments, send money through Zelle or make or change any transfers of funds from your account.

I need a bad credit mortgage lender (Indiana)?

My husband and I want to purchase a home that the asking price is $16k. We have a down payment, and make substantial income, and he is a USMC military vet.

no, you need GOOD lenders.