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Fifth Third Bancorp 4th-quarter earnings edge down
Fifth Third said overall credit trends were favorable, with fourth-quarter net charge-offs of bad loans at $148 million, down from $109 million in the third quarter and virtually flat with $147 million in the prior-year quarter. Kevin T. Shannon

CFPB Directors Cordray's Prepared Remarks on Housing Market Reform
Bad products can upend whole neighborhoods as well as individual households. You can tell me better The list is long, so bear with me – we take complaints about mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, student loans, auto loans, credit reporting

Indiana police chief accidentally shoots himself
In the complicated relationship between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church, the White House sees the popular new pontiff and his emphasis on the plight of the poor as a form of moral validation of the president's economic agenda

Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight
Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight For the last dozen years we have quarreled about how to calibrate underwriting of mortgages. A hysterical mob still imagines bubbles around Too many defaults means that underwriting was too easy (although a flow of really bad credit will defer the

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The Education of Betsy DeVos

This was not an atypical reception for the billionaire school-choice advocate, who was loathed by the organized left well before President-elect Donald Trump tapped her for a Cabinet post. Inside the modest brick building, however, DeVos encountered something different: walls covered with artwork, designed by the students just for her visit, celebrating equality and civil rights. The school, home to exceptionally gifted kids, is an achievement in social progressivism; many of the students identify as LGBT or are questioning their gender identities, and the culture is one of tolerance. This is why DeVos was welcomed over the objections of some faculty and parents: as a symbol of acceptance. But her visit wasn’t an olive branch to the far left of the academic spectrum; it was an occasion to use what she calls her “bully pulpit,” drawing attention to a private school that is inventive and dynamic, while not-so-subtly contrasting it with local public schools that are not.

Sitting in a second-floor classroom, fielding questions from a dozen students, DeVos likely didn’t win over any of her critics. Asked about the fate of a hypothetical underperforming public school, she said, “The school won’t be able to survive. … Just like we see in lots of other parts of our world, if people don’t choose something, it can’t continue to stay in business.” But for those listening closely, some of the secretary’s answers might have provided relief. The most revelatory exchange came when Kory Gallagher, Kansas City Academy’s principal and government teacher, asked DeVos to explain what her job actually entails. “The Department of Education is there to carry out the laws that are passed by Congress,” she said. “And I think, really key, is that we remember what our role is and not confuse it with the role of Congress—which is to make and pass laws.

Fed Reports Show Declining Farmland Values, Tighter Credit Conditions

Cowley and Clark stated that, “Amid the slump in farmland values, cash rents also edged down . Cash rents for nonirrigated and irrigated cropland each fell 8 percent while ranchland cash rents fell 12 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015…[A]ll District bankers surveyed in the fourth quarter expected cash rents to remain unchanged or decline in the first quarter of 2017 .”

The Kansas City Fed added that, “Farm income also weakened in the fourth quarter. In fact, farm income fell for the fifteenth consecutive quarter , the longest such streak in survey history. Moreover, 70 percent of bankers expected the downward trend to continue in the first quarter of 2017 .”

When addressing credit conditions, last week’s report indicated that, “Credit conditions also weakened alongside lower farm income. Bankers again reported the growing divergence of increasing loan demand and declining repayment rates

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