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Fifth Third Bancorp 4th-quarter earnings edge down
Fifth Third said overall credit trends were favorable, with fourth-quarter net charge-offs of bad loans at $148 million, down from $109 million in the third quarter and virtually flat with $147 million in the prior-year quarter. Kevin T. Shannon

CFPB Directors Cordray's Prepared Remarks on Housing Market Reform
Bad products can upend whole neighborhoods as well as individual households. You can tell me better The list is long, so bear with me – we take complaints about mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, student loans, auto loans, credit reporting

Indiana police chief accidentally shoots himself
In the complicated relationship between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church, the White House sees the popular new pontiff and his emphasis on the plight of the poor as a form of moral validation of the president's economic agenda

Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight
Low delinquency rates prove mortgage lending's too tight For the last dozen years we have quarreled about how to calibrate underwriting of mortgages. A hysterical mob still imagines bubbles around Too many defaults means that underwriting was too easy (although a flow of really bad credit will defer the

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Here's what 'not' to talk about this Thanksgiving

Don’t fixate on Attorney General Jeff Session’s astonishing lack of recall about eight people he worked with during Trump’s campaign when the subject was Russia or his bafflement on how many meetings he had with Russians. Don’t mention it’s “breaking news” when our top law enforcement official vows under oath he always tells the truth except when he can’t remember it.

Say nothing about the Department of Justice’s failure to do anything to ensure there will be no more Russian meddling in U.S. elections. Nor has any administration official taken this on.

Skip Trump’s decision to try to throw the full weight of the Justice Department at Hillary Clinton about such things as uranium deals she had nothing to do with. (Somebody will point out that only in banana republics do the powerful pursue political opponents with pointless vendettas.)

It might be advisable to avoid the topic of sexual harassment, assault and misogyny in Hollywood, the pulpit, the White House, sports, Congress, the media and anywhere else men and women gather or work together.

LendUp personal loans: 2017 comprehensive review

LendUp bills itself as an alternative to payday loans, but it uses a similar model. It gives cash-strapped borrowers funds in exchange for full repayment plus interest with the borrower’s next paycheck.

These short-term loans can lead to big-time charges.

For example, a 30-day, $100 loan in the state of California can accrue a fee of $17.30, which is an annual percentage rate of just over 210%.

Who is this loan good for?
Lending terms
Minimum borrower requirements
Fees and penalties
How to apply
What to do if you’re turned down

The company uses its LendUp Ladder system to determine lending rates. The ladder starts at Silver and progresses to Gold, Platinum and then Prime. Repeat borrowers who pay on time earn points to “climb” the ladder, each ascending rung allowing you to apply for a loan at better rates.

You can also earn additional points through customer referrals and by taking the site’s free online education courses. The lower you are on the ladder, the higher your interest rates will be.

I need a bad credit mortgage lender (Indiana)?

My husband and I want to purchase a home that the asking price is $16k. We have a down payment, and make substantial income, and he is a USMC military vet.

no, you need GOOD lenders.