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Trump vows to punish Wells Fargo for 'bad acts'

Trump's comments about an ongoing enforcement action are unusual. Reuters reported the day before that Mick Mulvaney, Trump's temporary pick to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is reviewing a proposed settlement that would penalize Wells Fargo tens of millions of dollars for alleged mortgage lending abuse.

Mulvaney previously told the Washington Times that he is reviewing 14 open enforcement matters. Mulvaney has accused the CFPB, an aggressive consumer watchdog, of "trampling on capitalism."

While Trump has condemned the CFPB as a "disaster" that has "devastated" banks, he signaled Friday that Wells Fargo is still very much in the regulator's crosshairs. The president tweeted that fines and penalties "will be pursued and, if anything, substantially increased.

Federal tax plan has hospitals, insurers worried in Michigan


Michigan hospitals, doctors and health insurers oppose key health care changes in federal tax policy Hospitals object to possible elimination of tax-exempt bond refinancings Doctors and health insurers oppose eliminating individual health insurance mandate penalties, which could reduce insurance coverage in Michigan


CEO Phil Incarnati of McLaren Health Care Corp. is a proud capitalist who votes Republican and believes the federal tax cut proposals in the U.S. House and Senate misses the mark, especially as it affects the health care industry.

"I have already had one discussion with (the Michigan) congressional delegation on this subject," Incarnati told Crain's last week. "It appears to me they are pushing to get something done rather than doing something appropriate. I am trying to get anyone to listen: Do what is right, not what is political."

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My husband is in Michigan waiting to immigrate us from Canada. He earns approx $3200 net per month, has been at the same job since Nov 2007, but in the same LINE of work for over 10 yrs (owned his own business for approx 5 yrs during that time).

I suggest contacting a mortgage company that does not charge for pre-approval and ask them the questions you pose. is an affiliated lender of my broker. According to their website they do not charge for pre-approval.