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CFPB Targets Missouri Mortgage Lender for Kick-Backs
CFPB Targets Missouri Mortgage Lender for Kick-Backs The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ordered a Missouri mortgage lender, Fidelity Mortgage Corporation, and its former owner and current president, Mark Figert, to pay $81,076 for funneling illegal kickbacks to a bank in exchange for

CFPB enforces RESPA referral prohibition against mortgage lender
According to the Consent Order, a predecessor entity to FMC, Fidelity Financial Mortgage Corporation (FFMC), approached a bank in Missouri with an opportunity whereby the bank would outsource its lending activities to FFMC. In turn, the consent order 

Treasury to cut stake in auto lender
In the years since the downturn, the company has been mired in litigation tied to its former mortgage subsidiary, Residential Capital (ResCap), making it difficult for Ally to repay the government. But it was released from ResCap's legal liabilities in

New year brings new rules
The start of the new year means the official start of the new mortgage regulations I wrote about early last year. The new regulations, which went into effect yesterday, affect many facets of mortgage lending, including advertising, consumer protection

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The Controversy Surrounding a Fast-Growing Clean Energy Loan Program

The residential loans are typically around $25,000 and are paid back through the borrower's property tax bill, making it up to local governments to allow the program or not.

California is home to the most residential PACE programs in the country, while others exist on a much smaller scale in Florida and Missouri. At the time Bakersfield ended its program, it had issued roughly 2,700 loans, which is almost 4 percent of the city's owner-occupied housing stock.

Alan Tandy, Bakersfield's city manager, says he and other officials felt California's PACE legislation didn't go far enough in addressing their concerns about the disruption to the area's real estate market, where home prices still haven't recovered from the recession. "There were people who bought [a home] without realizing there was a [PACE] lien pending on it," he says. "So, our standard real estate deals were getting to the 11th hour and getting disrupted."

Those concerns were fueled in part by a document put together for the city by the Bakersfield Association of Realtors. It detailed 47 homeowner complaints that included allegations of price gouging and efforts to mislead property owners about the cost. "The problem with almost all of these is the misrepresentation," says Kim Schaefer, government affairs director for the Bakersfield Association of Realtors. "These folks were never told the amount of money they were going to be charged. It just hit them a year later when it showed up on the property tax bill.

Senate bill would diminish mortgage disclosures by banks

Buried within new Senate legislation to roll back restraints on banks is a provision that would exempt an estimated 85 percent of all U.S. banks and credit unions from public reporting requirements, raising fears that discriminatory practices by lenders could go undetected.

The data that would be exempt from reporting includes the financial information of borrowers and loan applicants, along with their race and sex.

Some Democratic lawmakers, community activists and low-income-housing advocates have raised the alarm over the prospect of diminished mortgage disclosures by banks. Removing the spotlight, they say, could allow lenders to unfairly deny loans or charge excessive interest and escape notice.

The legislation “would once again place low-income and borrowers of color at risk of falling prey to the same unscrupulous lending practices that helped cause the Great Recession,” Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, wrote in an open letter to the Senate. “We must preserve and strengthen these important protections and continue collecting the data that exposes disparities in the industry.”

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