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If your dream is to purchase a home but you`re burdened with bad credit, you`re not alone. Finding a lender who is willing to work with you may be difficult, but it`s not impossible.
When choosing a bad credit mortgage lender, there are a few things you should look for. Reputable lenders will be able to offer special programs specifically designed for borrowers with bad credit. This doesn`t mean, however, that you will get the same rates and terms as someone with good credit. Go in with the mindset that you will be paying more in interest and be subject to more stringent terms than if you had great credit to begin with.
Most lenders will be able to give you information on the FHA. The Federal Housing Administration has loosened its requirements since the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and getting a 30-year fixed rate loan is easier now than it has been in years. This doesn`t mean you can walk in and expect the entire housing cost to be covered. You will need a down payment.
Generally, the FHA requires a borrower with a score between 580 and 620 to have a down payment of 10%. Any score higher than that only requires a 3% down payment. As long as you can prove steady employment and income and have the required down payment, you should qualify for an FHA loan. Just because you have gone through a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy doesn`t mean it`s the end of the world either. Borrowers who have endured one or both of these jolting events need only wait two or three years before applying. There`s simply no quicker and easier way to get back on track.
If an FHA loan doesn`t appeal to you, look for lenders who still offer adjustable-rate mortgages. This will mean a higher interest rate and bigger down payment, but ARMs are generally easy to get. Be aware of the terms and read the fine print carefully so you aren`t walking into a bad situation. You want an adjustable-rate loan or interest-only mortgage that can easily be refinanced later.
A broker may be able to hook you up with lenders. Finding a lender on your own, willing to work with your financial situation, can be difficult but brokers know the ins and outs of every mortgage program out there. They will know what options exist for your bad credit situation, although you will end up paying more in broker`s fees, so weigh your options carefully.
If you are still unable to find a bad credit mortgage lender, begin working on improving your credit score. You can even do this while you are looking for a loan. Focus on paying down debts and abstain from applying for new lines of credit while you save for a house down payment. Lenders will be more willing to work with you if you currently have a strong repayment history, even if things had slipped a couple of years prior to you applying. Finding the right loan for bad credit will take some legwork but the research will certainly pay off.

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Bad credit mortgage lenders?

Can anyone help me locate lenders that are willing to loan to people with bad credit (only bad due to NOT having credit cards!), and only a small down payment? I know they still exist, but need some leads.

Im not sure why they are denying you i what you say is true, we have no credit cards, my husband and I dont believe in them, if we cant afford it then we save for it, if we still cant afford it then we dont need it.