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At home with 'Housewives': What it's like having your house on national TV

Samuels joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" for the show's second season in 2017. Right from the start, real estate was central to her TV narrative. On one of her first episodes, tempers flared when she spoke about how many houses she and her husband owned - it was five at the time, now two are on the market. But away from the shark tank of reality TV, there's no arguing that Samuels knows the real estate world.

Before she let millions of viewers - and their judgment - into her homes, she was the one inspecting houses. Samuels worked for a mortgage company in Landover, Maryland, and then started her own real estate appraisal business. Her husband, who retired from the NFL in 2010, also worked in the industry, developing property in his home state of Alabama. Samuels worked alongside him there and managed their properties in the Washington area, including a townhouse in Ashburn, Virginia, near the Redskins' training facility they rented to former Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins - who, Samuels says, was a "model tenant.

Best home security systems providers

Home security: choose carefully

When you finance a home, you have to purchase homeowners insurance. But that only goes so far in protecting your home and your finances from harm. Home security systems can stop theft or damage before they occur.

They deter criminals Your homeowner’s insurance premiums go down Smart features can save you on utilities, monitor your kids and pets, and keep you from getting locked out

Home security systems have come a long way. Here’s how to choose from the best providers.

Verify your new rate (Jul 16th, 2018) Why you need a home security system

It’s only natural to want to feel safe and secure within the home you’re buying. The truth is that a home is subject to many risks. These can include fire, burglary and home invasion.

Consider that a burglary happens once every 13 seconds. In fact, 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, with two-thirds of those being home break-ins. A person is at home during a burglary nearly 28 percent of the time; one out of four of those at home are harmed. A home security system can monitor your home against these threats.

Owner Carrying 2nd Mortgage. Pros & Cons, How to Get Started?

I am selling my home by owner & willing to carry the 2nd mortgage for the buyer for 2 years. What do I need (e.g. forms) to get this process started, Can title do all the paperwork, what interest is the norm to charge, closing costs, etc.

A title company can prepare the note for you based on the terms you spell out. A Real Estate attorney would be the better choice to handle the entire transaction.