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A Free Press Works for All of Us

ProPublica does not have an editorial page, and we have never advocated for a particular policy to address the wrongs our journalism exposes. But from the very beginning of our work more than a decade ago, we have benefited enormously from the traditions and laws that protect free speech. And so today, as the nation’s news organizations remind readers of the value of robust journalism, it seems fitting to add our voice.

ProPublica specializes in investigative reporting — telling stories with “moral force” that hold government, businesses and revered institutions to account. There are few forms of journalism more vulnerable to pressure from the powerful. What we publish can change the outcome of elections, reverse policies, embarrass police or prosecutors and cost companies boatloads of money. The main subjects of our work, in most cases, would much prefer that our reporting never appear or be substantially watered down.

The framers of our Constitution fully understood the importance of protecting a robust, sometimes raucous press. It is no coincidence that the very first amendment begins, “Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” They had lived under a system in which a powerful monarch could use the law of seditious libel to accomplish the 18th-century version of “lock her up.” They wanted no part of it.

How Much House Can I Afford?

Financial situation and make a decision about how much you can responsibly spend before you even meet with a mortgage broker. 

Otherwise, it could be too tempting to take the largest loan you're allowed, especially if a realtor has shown you a house that's perfect but in a high price range.

How to decide how much house you can afford

When people decide how much house they can afford, they often focus only on whether monthly payments are within their budget. But this isn't the only factor that matters.

There are actually three things to think about when deciding how much to spend on purchasing a home:

Up-front costs:  These are the initial costs you'll have to pay to buy the home and settle in. Total ongoing housing costs: These are the costs you'll pay year after year. General financial readiness:  You may be able to technically afford a house if you have enough money to cover up-front and ongoing costs.

Owner Carrying 2nd Mortgage. Pros & Cons, How to Get Started?

I am selling my home by owner & willing to carry the 2nd mortgage for the buyer for 2 years. What do I need (e.g. forms) to get this process started, Can title do all the paperwork, what interest is the norm to charge, closing costs, etc.

A title company can prepare the note for you based on the terms you spell out. A Real Estate attorney would be the better choice to handle the entire transaction.