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Joel Henri Sandoz Home served as first rectory for Holy Ghost Church

And this magnificent home was significant to Louisiana because of the important role it played in the history of the town and the state. Off course it was significant as the home of one of the first newspaper pioneers in Southwest Louisiana, but also because of the role it played during the Civil War. When federal troops, under Gen. Nathaniel Banks, took over Opelousas in 1863, Union troops took possession of the home and occupied it the entire time they were in the town.

When the Union troops camped on the property, the beautiful landscaping was virtually ruined. Sandoz was furious about this as that landscaping was so special to him. The federal troops also ruined Sandoz’ newspaper by carrying the type and machinery to Morgan City, dumping quantities of the type in the Bellevue area south of the town of Opelousas. Newspaper workers had to go to Bellevue, scoop the type into wagons with shovels, clean it and redistribute it before they could resume publication, which was a monumental task for sure.

CFPB set to issue HMDA guidance this summer

The agency also reiterated the assurances it gave banks and mortgage lenders in December that it will not assess penalties for any errors in HMDA data collected this year.

"The Bureau does not intend to require financial institutions to resubmit data unless data errors are material, or to pay penalties with respect to data errors," the CFPB said in its press release. "Any examinations of 2018 HMDA data will be diagnostic to help institutions identify compliance weaknesses, and the Bureau will credit good-faith compliance efforts."

At the same time, larger banks that did not win relief on HMDA reporting this spring may still see changes going forward. In May, acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney said he plans to rescind Corday's actions, essentially eliminating the expanded data collection.

From a technical standpoint, loan origination system vendors can also breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be no changes in the format of any HMDA data fields in 2018, according to the release. Financial institutions that are excused from reporting certain data fields will enter exemption codes where necessary.

How the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Relates to the Overall Financial Crisis?

I have to write a paper on this, and have tried to understand the whole thing. Please correct me if anywhere in this following summary I am wrong in my understanding! This question is just about the understanding and timeline of the subprime lending crisis.

1) Sorta. Ninja = "no income, no job and no assets"

2) The short version is that people were given loans so they could buy houses that they couldn't afford out of the gate.