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Foxtons accused of bullying homehunters over finances

attitude "flipped" after a buyer rejected his suggestion that she take advice from mortgage brokers Alexander Hall. She said: "As ...

South Auckland couple reveal ups and downs of searching for their first home

"I didn't realise the amount of work that had to be put in by us.

"If you're out one Sunday and think you aren't having much luck or feel like you aren't really getting anywhere, remember there's always next week, there's always another day.

"It can be quite intimidating when you're talking six or seven figures [to buy a house].

"You have to be self-assured and go out every Saturday or Sunday with a game plan and be fully clear about the plan."

The couple pooled their resources to come up with the 20 per cent deposit they needed to buy their home.

Before making an offer for the property they researched the asking price of other houses for sale in the neighbourhood, he says.

"We did our maths as to what would be a fair offer and what would be closer to being accepted straight away, rather than going backwards and forwards."


Harveys Manurewa franchise owner Danella McCormick says about 30 per cent of her branch's clients are first-home buyers.

How important are Alfa Romeo, Maserati to Fiat Chrysler's future? Very

Planned supercar

So what’s in store, aside from the rumored possibility that Alfa and Maserati could someday be spun off?

For starters, Alfa plans to launch a more than 700-horsepower supercar. The resurrected 8C sportscar would offer a mid-engine twin turbo V-6 engine, electrified front axle and carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. The combined output promises a launch time of 0-62 m.p.h  in less than three seconds. 

A second specialty sports car offering is also planned — an all-wheel-drive 600-horsepower GTV four-seater. Adding to the lineup would be a compact and full-size SUV and new versions of current models. Based on the presentation, the supermini MiTo, sold overseas, will eventually disappear.

Tim Kuniskis, who  has been tasked with leading Alfa and Maserati , cited the Chinese premium market (2.6 million in sales), which he said outpaced the U.S. beginning in 2016, as a major focus. The Chinese government is pushing for electric vehicles, and FCA plans hybrids, mild hybrids and plug-ins to provide electrified options across the Alfa lineup.

hey, i need experto car advice, girl racers boy racers thnx?

at the moment i have a auto 1.6 focus 03 coupe (loving this car-she's fast) on finance but i am returning it cos i am fed up making payment, i got a mortgage now and need to keep every penny.