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Everything you need to know if you lose your job in Sweden

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There are three different ways you could lose your job in Sweden. The first is redundancy: this means your employer can no longer offer you a job due to reasons unrelated to you, such as if they can't afford to hire you, go bankrupt, or are restructuring the company. The other two ways are related to your actions as an employee, such as misconduct or an inability to carry out the required jobs.

There are also differences between uppsägning (termination) and avsked (dismissal). In the first case, you will typically be given a notice period to work through before you leave the company, during which you still get a salary and other benefits of employment, while this doesn't normally happen in cases of dismissal, which often relate to gross misconduct.

Whatever the circumstances in which you find yourself jobless, here's what you need to know.

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