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Foxtons accused of bullying homehunters over finances

attitude "flipped" after a buyer rejected his suggestion that she take advice from mortgage brokers Alexander Hall. She said: "As ...

ALFA SAB DE CV (ALFFF) Is Interesting Performer

Measuring a firm’s market value, also known as market capitalization allows investors and financial analysts assess the size of a firm relative to the market. Market capitalization can be understood as a statistic reflecting the public’s confidence in a firm because the calculation highlights the public’s investing arrangements. Financial institutions can put similarly-sized firms into groups such as mid-cap, small-cap AND large-cap by establishing a firm’s market capitalization.

Market capitalization is a vital financial indicator for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps investors in establishing value comparison between firms with their stocks trading at different levels. Secondly, it helps decide a firm’s size in relation to its peers. A firm’s market cap varies as its shares price changes, so financial editors compute market capitalization for public firms daily. ALFA SAB DE CV (ALFFF)’s market capitalization is currently $7.63 billion.

Putin Is Becoming Russia's Biggest Mortgage Broker

Ratios of 62.9 percent in the U.S. and 67.6 percent in the U.K., according to the European Covered Bond Council.

Even though Russia’s home-ownership rate is among the highest in the Group of 20, much of the housing stock is tired, with pent-up demand from young families after the country last year matched its highest fertility rate since 1991. The government gave most of the state-owned apartments built during the communist era to their residents after the Soviet Union collapsed a quarter century ago.

State-controlled banks Sberbank and VTB Group, which together control three-quarters of the market, say there’s room to expand and forecast double digit growth will continue next year as the economy picks up and demand for new housing remains high. 

“Its definitely realistic that we grow the ratio of mortgages to GDP in Russia to 20 percent, just like in eastern Europe,” the head of VTB’s retail banking unit, Mikhail Zadornov, said in an interview. VTB’s 1 percent delinquency rate for mortgages this year compares with an overall share of 7.1 percent for non-performing loans at its parent group at end-August, he said.

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