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Camaro puts aggressive Acura back in its place

100% stock (right down to the paper air filter) 1993 LT1 powered Camaro automatic, out for a cruise after a couple base Dyno pulls, and ran into ...

Two Acura NSXs Filmed Testing at the Nurburgring – But Why?

The footage shows a silver NSX and a black NSX turning in laps at the infamous Nordschleife. The circuit is typically used by manufacturers to test their pre-production prototypes, so it’s odd that Acura would show up to test a car that’s already on sale. It’s possible Acura is making revisions to the NSX to improve its performance, but some think there’s a lot more going on with these testers.

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Acura has been rumored to have a high-performance version of the NSX in the pipeline – potentially called the Type R. It’s possible that Acura is testing the powertrain for this rumored model variant with these unassuming test cars, along with a revised suspension setup and other improvements. This is simply a guess, however, and it’s worth noting that these cars do not look or sound any different than a regular, run-of-the-mill NSX.