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100% stock (right down to the paper air filter) 1993 LT1 powered Camaro automatic, out for a cruise after a couple base Dyno pulls, and ran into ...

Houston ranked one of worst cities to lose weight, pay off mortgage or get new job for New Year's resolutions

HOUSTON -- New Year, new you, right? Where you live could determine if you actually stick to those resolutions, and it seems like Texans might have a tougher time compared to their West Coast neighbors.

According to a study by Wallet Hub , if you're trying to lose weight, pay off that mortgage or get a new job, Houston is not the place to accomplish that.

The study looks at dozens of key metrics, like gyms per capita, income growth, employment outlook and access to health food stores to rank residents' likelihood of self-improvement.

To make matters worse, Wallet Hub also named the Bayou City one of the fattest cities in America last year!

But if your 2018 goals are more along the lines of breaking that bad habit or maybe finding a new boo-- H-Town is one of the best places to be, thanks to the number of singles and active dating app users.

Houston ranks 22nd for people looking to find love this year.

Overall, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego snag the top three spots as best places to keep your resolutions.

Trump Highlights Infrastructure But No Specifics Announced

In his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump talked about infrastructure, which was expected by agriculture groups. Trump has promised a trillion dollar infrastructure package but there's been no word on any specific aspect of what the plan is to move forward.

Soy Transportation Coalition Executive Director Mike Steenhoek says they appreciate using the State of the Union platform to show the importance of infrastructure, but they need specific projects and ways to generate revenue.

Steenhoek says, "How do you pay for it, and thus far, we haven't heard a real plan coming from either the White House or members of Congress and so there's a lot of room for improvement in actually defining what our transportation strategy is and ultimately implementing that."

As a response and example, the Soy Transportation Coalition has released a top 10 most wanted infrastructure priorities, which includes maintenance for locks and dams, deeper dredging of the Mississippi River, and permitting six axel, 91,000 lbs semis to operate on interstates.