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Camaro puts aggressive Acura back in its place

100% stock (right down to the paper air filter) 1993 LT1 powered Camaro automatic, out for a cruise after a couple base Dyno pulls, and ran into ...

Car dealers resisting regulations on fees

The leader of the nation's car dealers are fighting federal regulations that would restrict dealers ability to charge varying rates for higher risk loans.

"The government is trying to take away a customer's right to get a discount," Forrest McConnell, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association told the Automotive Press Association today. "The current system saves customers money, period."

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created in response to abuses by mortgage lenders, payday lenders and others leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, wants to eliminate dealers' ability to tinker with in-house financing rates.

The CFPB says some dealers are artificially marking up rates to squeeze higher payments out of customers. It wants flat fees for dealers when they place a loan with buyers, instead of fees that are tied to the size of the loan.

But McConnell, a Honda and Acura dealer in Montgomery, Ala., says the regulatory scrutiny would prevent the nation's 17,600 dealers from tweaking borrowing rates to make cars more affordable for certain consumers.

Chris Brewer: Car world recognizing First Coast

This week, my wife and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. Anniversaries are powerful because they allow you to take an inventory of the past and dream for the future.

Has everyday been rainbows and puppy dogs? Of course not. Together we have faced professional obstacles, lost loved ones, scrambled to pay the mortgage, and encountered a difficult pregnancy that almost cost both my wife and my now 11-year-old daughter their lives.

However, we have also seen incredible victories. We have been able to build a new home; both of our daughters are thriving in the incredible Duval County Public Schools’ magnet program; and we truly appreciate the city that we live in and the neighbors that we call friends.

Perhaps it was the introspective nature of the weekend, but I began taking inventory of the car culture of Jacksonville. The automotive legacy of Jacksonville is rich and, over the past few years, enthusiasts have joined together to help our city assert itself as a national leader for all things automotive.

Honda recalls Acura TL sedans in US - Breaking News, Local News ...

DETROIT (AP) — Honda says it's recalling nearly 53,000 Acura TL sedans in the U. S. to fix a problem with power steering hoses. That can cause the cars to lose power steering or even cause a fire. Honda Motor Co. recalled 273,000 TLs in in 2008 for a similar problem. Honda says there have been no reported crashes, injuries or fires related to the problem.

Delaware: Acura Dover Delaware

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