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Camaro puts aggressive Acura back in its place

100% stock (right down to the paper air filter) 1993 LT1 powered Camaro automatic, out for a cruise after a couple base Dyno pulls, and ran into ...

US 30-year average mortgage rate rises to 4.08 percent

WASHINGTON (AP) — Long-term U.S. mortgage rates marked a fifth week of surges in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election win, reaching their highest levels this year.

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac said Thursday the average rate on a 30-year fixed rate loan rose to 4.08 percent from 4.03 percent the previous week. The benchmark rate topped its 3.93 percent level of a year ago.

The rate on 15-year home loans, a popular choice for people who are refinancing, jumped to 3.34 percent from 3.25 percent.

Long-term mortgage and interest rates have climbed in the four weeks since Trump's surprise victory on Nov. 9 to become the country's next president.

Bond investors are looking toward tax cuts and increased government spending to upgrade roads, bridges and airports under a Trump administration, which could fuel inflation. That would depress prices of long-term Treasury bonds because inflation would erode their value over time. When bond investors foresee rising inflation, they demand higher long-term yields and pay lower prices for bonds. Bond yields move opposite to prices and also influence long-term mortgage rates.

Auto shows reveal more than new cars | KLEW

With a sleek and streamlined design, the center stack is clean and clutterless, focusing on the large center display that sits high atop the dash. Rather than a touch screen, Acura has opted for a touchpad with “absolute positioning.” The gist is if you touch the pad in the lower right hand corner, then that corresponds to the lower right hand corner of the screen. So you can control, swipe and tap the screen without actually touching it.

Other highlights of the Acura Precision Cockpit include:

An Android-based operating system A 12.3-inch driver’s display behind the steering wheel An advanced-vision mode that leverages sensors to display cars, pedestrians and other objects that a driver might not see

Though Acura hasn’t said exactly when this new system will appear in a production vehicle, the general time frame is “a few years.” The design is reminiscent of what you see in the Acura NSX, so the assumption is that this system may only appear in the higher-end versions of the lineup, but Acura execs assured us this isn’t the case. This system in some format will make its way into all cars from the ILX all the way up to the NSX.