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NAMB Swarm Boston

Join NAMB and YMPA on Thursday, September 13 for NAMB Swarm Boston, sponsored by United Wholesale Mortgage!

This event is filled with a variety of speakers that will provide those in attendance with great information and useful tools that you can use to help grow and improve your business!

Cost for this session is only $40 per person and includes breakfast and lunch!

Agenda includes:

9:00am: Registration begins

9:45am: Welcome from our President John G. Stevens, CRMS

10:00am - 10:30am: Young Mortgage Professionals: Refueling the Mortgage Industry through Attracting, Connecting and Educating (ACE) millennials

Please join the Young Mortgage Professionals Association for a panel discussion covering the topic of millennials in the workplace.

Mortgage companies on a growth path need to recognize the effects Millennials are having on their workforce. Considering the fact that in a few short years, three out of every four global workers will be a Millennial but that most mortgage employers are set up to cater to Boomer workers, how do we get Millennials to consider a career in the mortgage industry? We’ll discuss tactics on recruiting, educating and retaining Millennials. Join us to learn more about the changes your business may need to make in order to stay relevant in today’s market.

Who took over Ace Mortgage's home loans?

My mortgage was with Ace, and we haven't gotten anything telling us who has our loan now... or where to send the payment.

Companies like ACE are only brokers who sell the mortgages to someone else. So you do not know who actually owns your mortgage. If you were making your mortgage payments to ACE they were probably just servicing the loan. где купить сантехработы.