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Former Deutsche Bank head subprime mortgage bond trader fires back at US fraud charges

In its announcement, the Department of Justice stated that this new lawsuit and Mangione’s alleged conduct are related to the DOJ’s  $7.2 billion settlement  with Deutsche Bank from earlier this year.

In January, the DOJ announced that it reached a settlement with Deutsche Bank in connection with the bank’s issuance and underwriting of residential mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007.

In this new lawsuit, DOJ stated that Mangione engaged in a “fraudulent scheme” to sell ACE 2007-HE4, a $ 1 billion subprime mortgage bond, and ACE 2007-HE5, a $400 million subprime mortgage bond, by misleading investors about the quality of the loans backing the securitizations.

But in a response to the government’s lawsuit, provided to HousingWire by Mangione’s legal representatives, Smith Villazor , Mangione denies the government’s charges, suggesting that others are much more to blame for the alleged fraud, and pledges to fight back.

Ace your student finances with these saving tips — plus use your code to win £100000 with Sun Savers

Yesterday we looked at managing your student finances and today we will show how to stretch your money and make it go much further.

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The site’s National Student Money Survey is an annual study revealing the most inventive ways students save cash. Here’s the top seven — and there are no lectures, just simple and easy ways to save . . . Only shop with notes, then save the change. Pop the money into a savings account so you cannot spend it, and keep it until the end of term when you need it most. Try the 1p challenge. Save 1p the first day, 2p on the second, up to £3.65 at the end of the year. You will save £667.95 over the year. Try “antique flipping”. Hunt for bargains at car boot sales and charity shops then sell them on eBay for a profit. It also works with vintage clothes and comics, or anything else you have a good knowledge of and which is also in demand. Tempted to shop? Block your

Who took over Ace Mortgage's home loans?

My mortgage was with Ace, and we haven't gotten anything telling us who has our loan now... or where to send the payment.

Companies like ACE are only brokers who sell the mortgages to someone else. So you do not know who actually owns your mortgage. If you were making your mortgage payments to ACE they were probably just servicing the loan.

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