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Scary? No. Disturbing? Not quite. Sad, pathetic, and rather funny? Absolutely. This video brought to you by the folks at, where ...

8 weird things that America’s happiest couples have in common

Five of the eight factors: They had a healthy sex life and an equal balance of economic power, were most likely to be younger (between the ages of 25 and 44), have two kids, each earn at least $75,000 a year and have a B.A. than their unhappier counterparts. Couples also noted two more things: Improved awareness of social justice issues and similar political convictions correlated with happiness.

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“Education and political similarities are more important now than they were five years ago,” Grant Langston, chief executive officer of eHarmony told MarketWatch. “Many of the happiest couples vote and are also very aware of social justice issues.” In fact, some people are adamant about not dating people from the opposite of the political spectrum, he added.

But men and women seem to differ in what they think makes their partner happy. “Men think that women want gifts, but women want words of affirmation,” Langston said. Aside from the obvious attractions of a healthy physique, people said they found happy, stable and intelligent people desirable. In fact, he said these qualities were deemed as important as a regular sex life.

Revolut is looking to raise more than $500 million this year

Revolut is in 28 markets in Europe, and now you’re planning to launch in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan. Why so many markets so fast?

Storonsky: Because we’re an ambitious company. We know we have the best product, and know we are 10 times better than the most competitive banks, and we want to scale as fast as we can. So we’re already preparing our next wave for new countries to be launched, mainly focusing on Asia, so countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, India. That’s coming in the second wave.

Are you worried about getting bogged down in the US where there are state-by-state approvals?

Storonsky: It depends on the type of business. In the money transfer business, yes, you need to go state by state. But the banking business, it is enough to get licensed in one state. In our case we just partnered with a bank, who has the coverage.

Is America One Finance a trust worthy company?

I received their ad about loans and I'm interested but I don't know this company at all. Have you had bad experiences with this company or do you know someone who had?

I do not know about this company..but if you are interested in re-financing a home I do know this is a good company and works with Homeowners on many angles.
They are a part of the Better Business Bureau on and off-line and are based in Arizona.