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Butler County program can put foreclosures on hold
The program is only available to those whose mortgage companies have filed foreclosure proceedings against a loan holder. The number of foreclosures changed little in Butler County the past few years, Sheriff Mike Slupe said. His office serves papers

Man who defrauded elderly Modesto homeowners asks for leniency
Lankford and his husband gained the trust of elderly homeowners from 1999 to 2010 and enriched themselves by obtaining multiple fraudulent loans on more than 50 properties, the men admitted in August plea deals. At the time, authorities said Lankford

Home sales up nearly 12 percent in Bitterroot Valley
Since the law was enacted in 2010, Ernst said mortgage lenders can no longer provide mortgage loans to unqualified borrowers or provide special financing. Both were issues often associated with fraudulent lending practices, he said. In addition, the

2014 Quicken Loans All-Star Football Challenge to feature Texas A&M's Jake ...
Quicken Loans ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among all home mortgage lenders in the United States by J.D. Power for four consecutive years in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010. Quicken Loans has ranked among the top-30 companies on FORTUNE Magazine's

PA Mortgage Rates: Low Cost Pennsylvania Mortgage Lenders Are you shopping for ideal mortgage rates from Pennsylvania mortgage lenders? sets you up with five quotes ...

Measuring the Impact of Dodd–Frank on Household Leverage

, This bit of jargon describes the relationship between a homeowner’s debt and the resources they have available to pay it back. If the former conspicuously outweighs the latter, the household is “highly leveraged.”

This does not necessarily mean that household leverage always translates into missed payments, defaults, and foreclosures. But in 2007 and 2008, a cascade of those very effects helped overwhelm the global financial system.

“Coming out of the crisis, there was a big reaction, in both academia and policy circles, that household leverage got us into trouble and that we needed to take serious steps to regulate it,” says John Mondragon , an assistant professor of finance at the Kellogg School. “There have been a lot of efforts, not just in the U.S. but around the world, to regulate how much households can borrow in a stronger way.”

But how do these regulations actually work when put into practice?

Mondragon and Kellogg colleague Anthony DeFusco along with Stephanie Johnson, a PhD student in economics at Northwestern, analyzed how the U.S. mortgage-lending market responded via the Dodd–Frank act to a specific kind of regulation intended to prevent households from borrowing more than they could afford.

Moody's Upgrades Three and Affirms Three CMBS Classes of JP Morgan Chase 2010-CNTR

Approximately $341 Million of Structured Securities Affected

New York, December 01, 2017 -- Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) upgrades the ratings of three classes and affirms the ratings of three classes of J.P. Morgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2010-CNTR, Commercial Pass-Through Certificates Series, 2010-CNTR as follows:

Cl. A-2, Affirmed Aaa (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed Aaa (sf)

Cl. B, Affirmed Aaa (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed Aaa (sf)

Cl. C, Upgraded to Aaa (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed Aa2 (sf)

Cl. D, Upgraded to A1 (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed A2 (sf)

Cl. X-A, Affirmed Aaa (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed Aaa (sf)

Cl. X-B, Upgraded to Aaa (sf); previously on Dec 16, 2016 Affirmed Aa1 (sf)


The ratings on the two P&I classes, Cl. C and Cl. D were upgraded based primarily on an increase in credit support resulting from loan paydowns and amortization. The deal has paid down 23% since Moody's last review. The Cl. D Certificates rating of A1 (sf) is lower than the loan aaa (sca.pd) due to lack of a support class or a reserve to protect them from the risk of extraordinary trust expenses.

When should I start looking for a house?

My apartment lease ends 5/31/2010 and my wife and I want to buy a house, I was wondering when would be a good time to start looking.

The advice you have been given is good: first find a lender/broker who you trust and will find you the best possible rate. If this is your first home, talk to many brokers and make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the process.