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Patty Amador at House Financial Services Field Hearing

Patty Amador, President, Ambeck Mortgage Associates of Modesto, CA speaks about downpayment assistance and HR 6694 at the House Financial Services ...

Rep. McClintock: House tax bill fails the 'do no harm' test (opinion)

This is particularly harmful to Californians who suffer under policies that have grossly inflated the cost of housing. Even though the mortgage interest deduction is grandfathered for existing mortgages, the limitation will make home ownership less affordable for future home buyers and devalue the asset for current homeowners. Yes, that will cause home prices to decline, but for all the wrong reasons.

The state and local tax deduction is removed under this bill, further disproportionately affecting Californians. The rationale is that taxpayers in low-tax states subsidize the high spending in liberal states. But this ignores a central tenet of federalism: that governments closest to the people should make most of the decisions and provide most of the services, and thus have first call on tax revenues — the federal government is supposed to get in line behind them. The bill turns this principle on its head and amounts to a double-taxation of every dollar government claims from family earnings.

Former Stockton Mayor Agrees to Plea Deal in Amador County Case

AMADOR COUNTY -- Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva and the Amador County District Attorney's Office reached a plea agreement Friday morning in a case stemming from his 2016 arrest.

Silva faced four misdemeanor counts. Three were dropped in exchange for Silva entering a no contest plea for furnishing alcohol to a minor. He was arrested in August 2016 at the Stockton Kids Camp at Silver Lake on three misdemeanors and one felony, illegally recording without the subject's knowledge, which was later reduced to a misdemeanor.

Investigators say Silva had kept an audio recording of a strip poker game at the camp involving at least one minor.

Silva's sentence is now 40 hours of community service and a year of probation, along with $370 in court fees and fines. His legal team considers it a victory.

"It's obvious by the election results he lost a tremendous support in the community, and it's obviously a direct result of the false allegations that were leveled at him," Allen Sawyer, one of Silva's attorney's, told FOX40. "So does this go a long way in proving that he was right? Of course it does. Is he still damaged by it? Of course he is."