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Rogelio de los Santos of Alta Ventures Mexico on the Mexican venture capital industry

IBM's Sancia Matthyssen talks with Rogelio de los Santos, Founder and Managing Partner of Alta Ventures Mexico and the Kickstart Seed Program ...

Some Alta (WSE:AAT) Shareholders Are Down 22%

We don’t think Alta’s revenue of zł1,182,000 is enough to establish significant demand. You have to wonder why venture capitalists aren’t funding it. As a result, we think it’s unlikely shareholders are paying much attention to current revenue, but rather speculating on growth in the years to come. It seems likely some shareholders believe that Alta will significantly advance the business plan before too long.

As a general rule, if a company doesn’t have much revenue, and it loses money, then it is a high risk investment. There is almost always a chance they will need to raise more capital, and their progress – and share price – will dictate how dilutive that is to current holders. While some such companies do very well over the long term, others become hyped up by promoters before eventually falling back down to earth, and going bankrupt (or being recapitalized).

Our data indicates that Alta had zł5.3m more in total liabilities than it had cash, when it last reported in March 2019. That puts it in the highest risk category, according to our analysis. But with the share price diving 22% in the last year , it’s probably fair to say that some shareholders no longer believe the company will succeed. You can click on the image below to see (in greater detail) how Alta’s cash levels have changed over time. The image below shows how Alta’s balance sheet has changed over time; if you want to see the precise values, simply click on the image.

Small Alta. municipalities plan for funding cuts

“We wouldn’t want to see a drop in funding but the province is laser-focused on shrinking the deficit,” said Brooks, Alta., mayor Barry Morishita, who chairs the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association executive committee, while speaking at the organization’s convention in Edmonton September 25.

Related story: Alberta proposal could see towns pay more for policing

Even though downloading costs on to municipalities is only a recommendation at this point, it’s still got leaders looking at their revenue options.

Members acknowledged they can either raise taxes, increase service fees or hope for more funding from the province to balance their books while maintaining high levels of service.

Municipalities can’t run deficits in Alberta and are limited in other ways to generate revenue.

Of the options that were discussed, many members appeared on board with raising services fees, such as for garbage collection or recreation facility use, arguing it’s a transparent way to show value to residents.

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