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NEXT™ Mortgage Events Selects Advisory Board

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Tina Khartami, Technology Sales Manager, Freddie Mac Erica Price, Chief of Mortgage Operations, Cardinal Financial Company Julie Lane, SVP, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Freedom Mortgage Diana McKeever, VP, Technology Product Manager, PrimeLending Melissa Williams, Head of Operations, SD Capital Funding.

“NEXT’s high value content is our identifier, and our Advisory Board’s input will assure we continue delivering competitive intel that elevates companies and changes careers,” said Jeri Yoshida, co-founder of NEXT Mortgage Events. “We are thrilled that, ultimately, it’s NEXT attendees who will benefit from our collaboration with the smartest, most knowledgeable, and most insightful team of eight executives I’m sure anyone has ever seen in our industry.”

NEXT’s 2019 winter conference takes place February 7-8, 2019 at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas. Guests may pre-register at .

Can a single mother with one child get a mortgage?

I split from my partner 5 months ago due to his infidelity now i am living with parents, can i apply for a mortgage by myself with an income of £1000 per month or do i need a guarantor?

Being a single mother should not be a serious problem. Having an income of 1000 GBP/month could be. I am not familiar with the cost of living in the UK, but the US equivalent is not very much to live on.