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Almost $3B in Washington state HFA mortgage servicing rights for sale

Weighted averages for the more than 16,000 loans in the mortgage servicing rights package are as follows: original term, 30 years; remaining term, 26.5 years; and interest rate, 4.19%. Most of the MSRs are for first-lien mortgages originated as low-down-payment products. The remaining mortgages are second liens or piggyback loans. The approximate average balance per loan is a little under $190,000, and the average credit score is 703.

More than 5% of the loans are distressed with the following distribution: 2.3%, 30 days late; 0.8%, 60 days late; less than 0.3%, 90 days late; and nearly 2% are late by 120 days or more or in foreclosure.

Almost half of the mortgages in the portfolio are government-guaranteed loans based on unpaid principal balance. The remaining loans are primarily Fannie Mae products, most of which have mortgage insurance.

The information provided by the seller is based on the state of the portfolio as of April 30. Written bid letters are due by 5 p.m. Eastern on May 28. The buyer may need to submit financial statements and operational information related to its ability to service the portfolio to investors.

Consolidated Analytics Appoints Tony Meola

Consolidated Analytics , the California-based provider of mortgage services has announced the appointment of industry veteran Tony Meola, to its Board of Directors.

Meola is a nationally recognized leader with more three decades of mortgage industry experience and significant c-suite executive experience at top-tier financial institutions. Recently retired, Meola last served as the enterprise shared services executive at Bank of America where he led banking operation strategies across high-risk functions including global payments, deposit and cards, and enterprise regulatory and operational oversight.

“Tony has an extraordinary mortgage and finance background and we are thrilled to welcome him to the board,” said Arvin Wijay CEO of Consolidated Analytics. “Tony’s c-suite executive experience combined with his extensive knowledge and expertise in complex mortgage banking operations will be incredibly valuable as Consolidated Analytics continues to expand its services platform.”

Can a single mother with one child get a mortgage?

I split from my partner 5 months ago due to his infidelity now i am living with parents, can i apply for a mortgage by myself with an income of £1000 per month or do i need a guarantor?

Being a single mother should not be a serious problem. Having an income of 1000 GBP/month could be. I am not familiar with the cost of living in the UK, but the US equivalent is not very much to live on.

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