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Honda Track Day @ Sepang - 1st attempt

This is officially my first track day but hopefully won't be the last. I learn the line mostly from onboard videos I found in YouTube lol ...

Fed raises benchmark interest rate for second time in 3 months

The Fed has long planned on raising interest rates to a more normal level, after slashing them to nearly zero during the financial crisis and holding them at an ultra-low level for years to stimulate a sluggish economy. After some tentative steps, Wednesday’s hike signals a significant transition

“This is a sea change for them, to start talk about raising rates at a faster pace,” said Blu Putnam, CME Group’s chief economist.

The Fed’s decision could also frustrate the ambitious goals of the Trump administration, including boosting growth rates to a pace not seen in years and reviving manufacturing and exports. By raising the cost of borrowing, higher interest rates tend to dampen growth. They also attract investment to the United States, which pushes up the value of the dollar and makes U.S. exports comparatively expensive abroad.

Investors were well-prepared for the move, as Fed officials have made numerous speeches telegraphing their decision in recent weeks. Before Wednesday’s announcement, futures markets pointed to a 95 percent probability of the rate hike.

Shastic's new lead generator, LeadMe, transforms early stage lending for FIs

BERKELEY, CA (March 13, 2017) — Shastic today announced the release of LeadMe, its real-time personalized offer system for financial institutions, that acquires and converts top-of-the-funnel loan opportunities across multiple channels. LeadMe allows marketing and lending departments at an institution to easily generate, track, organize, and respond to incoming opportunities, as well as recapture old prospects.

Following a study by Deloitte , which found that one in three consumers seek a personalized offer for a product or service, LeadMe provides a real-time personalized offer to prospects through a price estimator. It then collects contact information and delivers it in real-time to loan officers, so they can respond to the opportunity. Loan officers can use the workflow to view, sort, and act on these opportunities. The real-time workflow combined with personalized offers produces a significant competitive advantage and a substantial increase in sales.

At what point will China stop lending the U.S. money?

At present, the U.S debt to the Chinese government is quickly approaching $1 trillion in treasury bills. At what point will China decide that the U.S. cannot pay them back in full, and stop buying treasury bills?

When they start buy more of the stuff the make themselves and no longer need a trade surplus to make their economy grow so do not need to fiddle with the exchange rate to keep their stuff cheap when priced in $. The time may be coming soon.

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