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Honda Track Day @ Sepang - 1st attempt

This is officially my first track day but hopefully won't be the last. I learn the line mostly from onboard videos I found in YouTube lol ...

The Fed And Bernanke Are Wrong About The Natural Interest Rate

A few days before the last FOMC meeting, The Wall Street Journal reported on the Fed's hand wringing over its inability to identify the "natural rate of interest" and explain its recent movements. According to the report, the Fed uses the "mysterious natural rate" to guide its decisions in setting the target for the fed funds rate. Modern macroeconomics defines the natural rate of interest as the (real) rate of interest that maintains the economy in a Keynesian state of bliss, with stable prices (or moderate inflation) and actual real GDP equal to "potential" or full-employment GDP.

According to Fed economists , the natural rate is "unobserved" and therefore "has to be inferred from observable data" using econometric models or other statistical techniques. But different models yield different estimates of the natural rate. These estimates range from "persistently negative since 2008" to a "reasonable range" between 1% and 2%. Nor are these estimates very precise. One model estimates a natural rate of 0.5% from 2010-2015 with a 90% confidence interval of 4 percentage points, meaning that there is a 90% probability that the natural interest rate lies somewhere between -1.5% and 2.5%.

Think Second-Hand To Save On Your Summer Adventures

Like many, I know summer is here when my calendar starts to fill up with a variety of activities -- barbecues, sporting events, patio time, family road trips, picnics and cottage time. Who doesn't want to take advantage of this time of year before the Canadian winter takes hold again? But, there's a hitch -- cost. All of this summertime fun requires coin, so needless to say, by the time September rolls around, funds are depleted.

Have no fear, there is an easy way to earn and even save money to help fund your summer adventures -- the second-hand economy.

The practice of second-hand is not a new concept. It involves extending the lifespan of products by providing their reuse by other individuals. This economy can take on a number of different forms including donations, second-hand purchases, exchanges, free sharing, paid sharing, rental or lending.

Over the years, I've looked to the second-hand economy to find unique treasures (I have to admit, Star Wars collectibles are a weakness). Working for Canada's largest online classifieds site, Kijiji , has helped me look beyond treasure-hunting and see the real benefits of participating in the second-hand economy -- saving and making money! As a new dad of two, I've recently unloaded some gently used baby items -- strollers sell fast!

At what point will China stop lending the U.S. money?

At present, the U.S debt to the Chinese government is quickly approaching $1 trillion in treasury bills. At what point will China decide that the U.S. cannot pay them back in full, and stop buying treasury bills?

When they start buy more of the stuff the make themselves and no longer need a trade surplus to make their economy grow so do not need to fiddle with the exchange rate to keep their stuff cheap when priced in $. The time may be coming soon.