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Honda Track Day @ Sepang - 1st attempt

This is officially my first track day but hopefully won't be the last. I learn the line mostly from onboard videos I found in YouTube lol ...

John Farrell on D&H: 'I am very fortunate in a lot of ways'

Red Sox manager John Farrell joined the Dale & Holley show on Wednesday live from Mohegan Sun to discuss his treatment for stage 1 lymphoma, which is now in remission, and also to discuss the team’s plans for the offseason. To hear the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page .

On Aug. 14 Farrell was diagnosed with stage 1 Non-Hodgkin’€™s Burkitt lymphoma and after a few months of treatment on Oct. 21 tests showed his cancer was in remission.

“The last couple of months have been very different,” Farrell said. “I’ve been very fortunate in a lot of ways. From the early diagnosis, the staging that was done, Dr. Jeremy Abramson at MGH and his incredible talents to have me in remission. I can tell you that 24 hours from the time you get a scan until the news you receive is filled with some anxiety, but not many better words can be said when he said everything was clean.”

On a road trip in early August, Farrell was told he needed hernia surgery and it was during that surgery the cancer was found and Farrell was told the news.

VIDEO: 34th District Democrats review the election, preview the Legislature ...

Constantine gave thanks for the passage of the Best Starts for Kids levy, with 56 percent of the vote . He also noted that “the King County Council will look a little more like King County in January, with the election of Bellevue Mayor Claudia Balducci [who defeated longtime councilmember Jane Hague ] … a dynamic, thoughtful public official. She shows everyone that the eastside … these are Democratic jurisdictions … and don’t let anyone tell you (in next year’s Legislative elections) that any of those Eastside Republicans are safe.” (He had told us that on Election Night.) Tonight he celebrates “my 39th birthday for the 16th time” with his annual fundraiser at Kell’s Pub .

Second, Seattle Councilmember Tom Rasmussen , speaking to the group for the last time in that role, and expressing thanks for the Seattle Prop 1 transportation

At what point will China stop lending the U.S. money?

At present, the U.S debt to the Chinese government is quickly approaching $1 trillion in treasury bills. At what point will China decide that the U.S. cannot pay them back in full, and stop buying treasury bills?

When they start buy more of the stuff the make themselves and no longer need a trade surplus to make their economy grow so do not need to fiddle with the exchange rate to keep their stuff cheap when priced in $. The time may be coming soon.