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Honda Track Day @ Sepang - 1st attempt

This is officially my first track day but hopefully won't be the last. I learn the line mostly from onboard videos I found in YouTube lol ...

Alcentra appoints two to co-head US direct lending team

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First Data: Creating The Digital Disbursements Standard

Not exotic. Just another step on the path to make instant disbursements a standard way to pay at a time when the demand has never been greater.

That’s how  First Data ’s GM of Global Debit Solutions, Nandan Sheth , characterized the announcement last week that First Data and Mastercard  had partnered so Mastercard business customers who use Mastercard Send could push real-time payments to debit cardholders using First Data’s Disburse-to-Debit solution.

“We’ve been really studying this [instant payments] marketplace since 2017,” Sheth told Karen Webster, “and even though we’ve focused on solving for very specific use cases we’re seeing even wider ground where instant payout solutions make a lot of sense.”

The gig economy alone, he noted, is a bright spot.

According to the latest PYMNTS/Hyperwallet Gig Economy Index , roughly 37 percent of workers said they receive 40 percent of their income from gig economy jobs, accounting for $1.4 trillion of total U.S. personal income in 2018. And though the gig economy “has really brought the issue to a froth in terms of public awareness” Sheth said, “the reality is that the needs for orderly, seamless instant payouts is expanding into territory that few would have imagined, even as recently as a few years ago.”

At what point will China stop lending the U.S. money?

At present, the U.S debt to the Chinese government is quickly approaching $1 trillion in treasury bills. At what point will China decide that the U.S. cannot pay them back in full, and stop buying treasury bills?

When they start buy more of the stuff the make themselves and no longer need a trade surplus to make their economy grow so do not need to fiddle with the exchange rate to keep their stuff cheap when priced in $. The time may be coming soon.

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