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Fact or Fiction: Now is the time to buy a home in Boise, ID? Jeff Lake walks us through the latest home mortgage situation and deciphers what is ...

Mountain West Credit Union Association formally endorses Mark Gordon for Governor of Wyoming

DENVER, CO (August 13, 2018) — The Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA), which represents 21 of Wyoming’s federal credit unions, as well as credit unions in Colorado and Arizona, announces it is endorsing Republican Mark Gordon in his bid for Governor of the State of Wyoming. The endorsement comes after candidate interviews and a vote by MWCUA members.

“Gordon has long supported credit unions in his previous role as the State Treasurer,” said Scott Earl, President and CEO of MWCUA. “He is a fiscal conservative and his values for responsible financial practices align with those of credit unions. Additionally, he understands the need for continued regulatory relief actions to help credit unions and their members.”

“Our interview process made it clear that Mr. Gordon was the right candidate for Wyoming credit unions,” said Brian Rohrbacher, President and CEO of Atlantic City Federal Credit Union in Lander, WY, who participated in the interview process. “His long-standing support of credit unions is admirable, and he has a strong sense of the importance of credit unions in the communities they serve.

Fact and Fiction About the Amendment of the Israeli Supreme Court's Jurisdiction Over West Bank Cases

The Israeli legislature has taken another step toward blurring the lines distinguishing the Israeli legal system from the one that exists in the West Bank. The Knesset recently passed an amendment that transfers original jurisdiction over certain cases concerning the West Bank from the Supreme Court of Israel (in its capacity as the High Court of Justice) to the Administrative Affairs Court in Jerusalem (a subdivision of the Jerusalem District Court). The amendment’s proponents, chiefly the right-wing Jewish Home party, have publicly asserted that it would make it more difficult for the Supreme Court to order the removal of illegal West Bank outposts and settlements. But a look at the amendment’s language reveals that it actually does something quite different.


To understand the new amendment, one must first understand the unusual structure of administrative adjudication in Israel. Israel inherited the institution of

Agree or Disagree: After Israel gives the Palestinians the West Bank Mountain Top overlooking Tel Aviv?

and the cities in central Israel.

Yes of course. That's been a big part of why Israel hasn't left the West Bank security fully in PA hands.

Fences are great, but can't stop missiles launched from mt tops.