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The Old Houses of Austerlitz: A big book about a small town

AUSTERLITZ — The Town of Austerlitz is the subject of a major book on its history and architecture: The Old Houses of Austerlitz, The History and Early Architecture of an Upstate New York Town, published in June by the Austerlitz Historical Society in conjunction with the Town’s bicentennial celebration.

Authored by Town Historian Thomas H. Moreland, with architectural analysis by Michael Rebic, the book contains the first full history of Austerlitz ever written, from the earliest settlement of the area as “Spencers Town” in the 1750s through today.]

In addition, there are individual histories of the 168 houses and other buildings in the town that survive from the town map of 1888, many dating to the 18th and early 19th centuries. There are more than 50 historic photos, and current photos of all the old buildings taken by Dan Perlmutter and Gail Cashen.

The book is the culmination of a six-year project and is based on largely original research. The research principally draws on the Columbia County deed and mortgage books, but also includes seldom if ever cited materials from the State Archives and other sources.

Mortgage Investment Companies in British Columbia?

Who has invested in a Mortgage Investment Company in British Columbia? Have you made money on it? I am considering entering into an investment with Cooper Pacific Investment Company or Pioneer West. Any advice?

Mortgage investment companies invest in risky mortgages and construction projects. And often operate without the transparency other public companies do. In a high interest rate environment, this can be very risky.

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