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Protect your credit by freezing it
Protect your credit by freezing it it issues credit. The alert is supposed to let lenders and others know that they need to give closer scrutiny to any request under your name because something might be amiss. credit reports. In Florida, it costs $10 (on Experian) to place a

Fifth Third Bancorp 4th-quarter earnings edge down
Fifth Third said overall credit trends were favorable, with fourth-quarter net charge-offs of bad loans at $148 million, down from $109 million in the third quarter and virtually flat with $147 million in the prior-year quarter. Kevin T. Shannon

Foreclosure Settlement Still Failing 700000 Families One Year Later
"It's as bad as trying to get an answer from a bank." Bridget McCready, who tried to save her home in Cape Coral, Fla., only to have her mortgage company rebuff her requests for a loan modification, is one of those who received the smallest payout

Big bargains draw buyers
Charlie Rosier, director at Blackfish, a Hong Kong-based US property-investment company, has also seen evidence of buyers from the mainland and Hong Kong "coming by the dozens" to buy foreclosed properties in downtrodden cities in Florida and Nevada

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Board votes 3-2 to approve 'Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy' funding agency

On July 25, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners discussed whether or not to approve a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Funding Agency. Pursuant to Florida statute section 163.08, provides that “certain improvement/repairs to real property for energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy improvements or wind resistance improvements may qualify for financing made available by certain special purpose “local governments” such as the Florida PACE Funding Agency (PACE), to private residential or commercial property owners, with repayment over time being collected on the property owner’s annual tax notice as a non-ad valorem assessment under the Florida Uniform Collection Process.”

Essentially, this means that the loan, used for energy conservation and improvements to the borrower’s property is paid back as an assessment on the property rather than a regular loan or mortgage payment. This, and other PACE Funding Agency practices stirred some controversy during the July 25 meeting, citing issues found on public websites such as Wikipedia and the National Consumer Law Center.

Credit Unions Set Poor Example Avoiding Taxes

When you think of credit unions, you probably think of a community-oriented financial institution with a handful of branches dotting your town. You may think of them as a place where folks who work at the same factory or teach in the same school system can get a car loan or put money aside in a Christmas club account.

That Rockwellian notion of credit unions, however, has become shockingly obsolete.

While some credit unions remain small and local, a growing number of them have become billion-dollar behemoths, skirting the tax man by exploiting IRS rules made for small credit unions of yesteryear.

During the Great Depression, Congress promoted savings and small loans by allowing credit unions to form tax-free to assist struggling Americans who weren’t served by banks.

These days, credit unions and banks perform the exact same functions for their customers; offering services such as checking accounts, credit cards, online banking and loans. The only real differences are that credit unions are member-owned and they still don’t have to pay federal income taxes — not a single dime.

does anyone know of a legit mortgage lender?

I am wondering if there is a legitimate mortgage lender that lends to those who have bad credit and no money down. My husband and I both have horrible credit but are moving from Florida to North Carolina.

" am wondering if there is a legitimate mortgage lender that lends to those who have bad credit and no money down." - No, there is not.