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Home Loans? Get Through with Integrated Mortgage Fintech Platform Square Capital

The era of fintech has truly arrived in India. In the last few years, the sector has gained a lot of traction with a slew of players emerging in payments, lending, insurance, and personal investments. While most of these are focused on either personal or SME financing, the promising segment of housing finance and mortgages remains undisrupted.

Square Capital , the digital lending marketplace arm of India’s real estate marketplace, Square Yards, has added to its market dominance by becoming the primary organised distributor of secured mortgages in the country. The company currently claims to facilitate INR 300 to 350 Crores (USD 50 million) of total loan disbursements every month, with home loans and loan against property contributing to around 75% of the overall volumes.

As India progresses in the direction of a digitally-enabled economy, a major part of lending and loan disbursal process will move online as well. The home loan mortgages business in India is ripe for disruption by fintech services marketplace like Square Capital that can handle the entire customer journey from search and discovery to fulfilment of loans.

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Does Capital One have a loan that I can use to pay off another credit card, besides a home loan?

I do not own a home. My Capital One interest rate is about half of my other credit card.

They offer personal unsecured loans, but make sure your credit is good before applying.