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Can the Financial System's Best-Kept Secret Help Finance a Green New Deal?

Gunn’s job is to connect those deals to all the different sources of capital that her organization can access — including large banks, smaller banks, foundations, federal or state or local governments, or big-money managers such as those who manage 401ks, individual retirement accounts and pension funds. Capital Impact Partners has raised $100 million from those big-money managers over the past year. But in some months, the fund may experience more deal flow than cash on hand at that moment. Some investors may restrict their cash to specific geographies that don’t overlap with this month’s deals. In financial institution parlance, this is when the fund needs “liquidity.”

One solution for liquidity is old, yet still surprising; often mundane but still exciting, especially if you’re thinking about how to fund more affordable housing, or creating jobs with benefits that pay a living wage, or even financing the Green New Deal. It’s called the Federal Home Loan Bank system, created by an act of Congress in 1932 to help kickstart home lending in the midst of the Great Depression. Over the past few years, an increasing number of community development loan funds such as Capital Impact Partners have turned to the Federal Home Loan Banks to meet their liquidity needs.

INFOGRAPHIC: demystifying securitisation

Bluenotes spoke with Graham Metcalf, Head of Structured Capital Markets at ANZ Institutional , to understand more and demystify some lingering securitisation myths. We also break down the securitisation process into an easy to digest infographic.

What exactly is securitisation?

GM:  Securitisation involves combining financial assets such as mortgages, car leases or small business loans into a single “pool” of loans and then issuing debt securities. Holders of these securities are repaid as these loans are repaid.

The performance of these debt securities is determined by the repayments from these pools of loans rather than on the financial institution or the company that made the loans in the first place.

It is a long standing form of financing used by financial institutions and corporates. Securitisation is also a major industry with over US$10 trillion of securitised debt currently on issue. The process is used extensively in the USA (around 85 per cent of the global market), Europe and Asia. In Australia it is an $AU120 billion market.

Does Capital One have a loan that I can use to pay off another credit card, besides a home loan?

I do not own a home. My Capital One interest rate is about half of my other credit card.

They offer personal unsecured loans, but make sure your credit is good before applying.