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Mortgage Choice - How to find the best home loan

Kristy Sheppard from Mortgage choice discusses about the importance of finding a home loan most suitable to your financial situation as well as ...

10 questions you probably have about buying a home

Thinking about buying a home? It can feel like an intimidating process and you probably have about a million and one questions about this big step. Here are 10 helpful queries we’ve answered recently that might help you on your journey to homeownership.

1. Is this the right time to be buying a house?

So you want to buy a house but fear the market is going to crash any second? The market’s imminent crash has been predicted time and time again. Here is all you need to do to make the right choice .

2. How does your credit score affect your mortgage application?

What’s more important when applying for a mortgage: your credit utilization or credit-­to-­income ratio?
 And can you better your credit score by reducing your credit utilization? They’re both equally important but in different ways. See what you should do with your credit and the rule of thumb for debt when going for a mortgage .

3. What’s the best type of mortgage if you’re a first-time home buyer?

Consistent tech innovations lead mortgage brokers to United Wholesale Mortgage

Constant innovation. Forward-thinking development. Willingness to adapt. Simplifying business practices.

All of those phrases are firmly implanted in the mind of United Wholesale Mortgage President and CEO Mat Ishbia, and fittingly apparent in how UWM runs its day-to-day business. That tech-centric focus of Ishbia and the 2,200+ team members at the Troy, Michigan-based mortgage giant is what has distinguished UWM as the most widely used wholesale mortgage lender by mortgage brokers throughout America.

In a fairly dated industry when it comes to tech, where the only consistent change is the variation of daily interest rates, UWM is a breath of fresh air in the mortgage industry with a seemingly endless stream of technology advancements and innovation.

More than any other wholesale lender, UWM has made it a point in recent years to regularly bring new technology platforms, programs and enhancements to market. All of it is geared around one thing: helping mortgage brokers stand out and compete against mega banks and retail lenders. UWM wants mortgage brokers to be the obvious choice in every circumstance for consumers nationwide.