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Public Relations Firm: Case Study: Foundation Financial Group and AXIA PR - "The Power of PR"

Mark Boyer, CEO of Foundation Financial Group tells how they selected a public relations firm and after an extensive PR search nationwide, they ...

ZSE narrows year-to-date losses | The Herald

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed stocks rallied last week and reversed some of the losses recorded earlier in the year as Delta’s trading update helped buoy the markets. By the close of trading last week, the ZSE Top 10 index was the top riser up 6,6 percent to 96,71, followed by the ZSE All Share Index which was up 5,13 percent to 319,66. The Mining Index was slightly positive up a marginal 0,15 percent to 123,52. The gains helped the ZSE indices reverse some of the earlier losses with the ZSE Top 10 index now weaker by just 3,29 percent year-to-date from the previous week’s closing levels of a negative 9,68 percent.

The ZSE All Share Index also narrowed its year to date losses to just 4,56 percent from the previous week’s year-to-date position of a negative 8,94 percent. By the close of the week’s trading, a total of 16 stocks had recorded gains against only four that were in the negative territory. Turnover for the week was slightly above $8 million while market capitalisation moved above the $9 billion mark.

Should You Buy Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI SA. (BME:AXIA)?

What’s the opportunity in Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI? The stock seems fairly valued at the moment according to my relative valuation model. I’ve used the price-to-equity ratio in this instance because there’s not enough visibility to forecast its cash flows. The stock’s ratio of 5.59x is currently trading slightly below its industry peers’ ratio of 9.15x, which means if you buy Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI today, you’d be paying a fair price for it. And if you believe that Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI should be trading at this level in the long run, then there’s not much of an upside to gain from mispricing. Furthermore, Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI’s share price also seems relatively stable compared to the rest of the market, as indicated by its low beta. This may mean it is less likely for the stock to fall lower from natural market volatility, which suggests less opportunities to buy moving forward.

What does the future of Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI look like? Future outlook is an important aspect when you’re looking at buying a stock, especially if you are an investor looking for growth in your portfolio. Although value investors would argue that it’s the intrinsic value relative to the price that matter the most, a more compelling investment thesis would be high growth potential at a cheap price. However, with an extremely negative double-digit change in profit expected over the next couple of years, near-term growth is certainly not a driver of a buy decision. It seems like high uncertainty is on the cards for Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI, at least in the near future.

University of Phoenix/Axia financial aid?

I an presently enrolled in Axia,was awarded the Pell Grant and approved for 9500 in a student loan. My financial advisor and the letters from Citi (who approved my loan) tell me I will receive the extra money in 2 disbursments.

You were awarded the pell grant which is 5350..and financial aid correct? so you took out an additional 9500 to cover the balance and to have some extra disbursed to you..right?
you will get a check or direct deposit.