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Public Relations Firm: Case Study: Foundation Financial Group and AXIA PR - "The Power of PR"

Mark Boyer, CEO of Foundation Financial Group tells how they selected a public relations firm and after an extensive PR search nationwide, they ...

Arrow Capital selects Axia for its wealth management operations

Profile Software announced today that Arrow Capital , an investment firm with operations in the UAE and Mauritius, has selected Axia to comprehensively accommodate its full wealth management requirements, through the platform’s advanced omnichannel functionality and reporting.

Founded in 2016 by experienced private bankers, Arrow Capital is an investment advisory company licensed by the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) and has a commercial office in Dubai heading the marketing and client acquisition operations. The core of their business is the provision of discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services. Arrow Capital focuses on a niche market of very high net worth individuals (USD 30 million to USD 100 million) and ultra-high net worth individuals (USD 100 million to USD 1 billion).

The firm was looking for a future-proof investment management platform that would support automation of their processes and scalability of services as a result of future business growth while offering a unique user and client experience.

Good News: Boy honors father with gifts to Sheriffs Office

Jeffrey Foust, 11, decided to save his allowance all year and, in honor of his late father, used the money for Christmas gifts for the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. The Flagler Beach boy previously lived in Tennessee until the death of his father, a Lawrence County sheriff’s deputy, less than three weeks before Christmas in 2011.

Jeffrey asked his mother, Ginny, to take him to buy gift cards for the Flagler Sheriff's Office staff. He bought four $25 gift cards for the supervisors and 50 $10 gift cards for the deputies. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Jeffrey presented the gift cards to Sheriff Rick Staly just before the Christmas with a Deputy event on Dec. 7, the anniversary of his father’s death.

During the annual event, selected children are accompanied by a deputy for an evening of holiday shopping. The sheriff had a surprise for Jeffrey, though, and invited the young man to participate in the shopping event. Staly commented on Jeffrey’s kindness and generosity and his strength in continuing “his father’s tradition of service to community.”

University of Phoenix/Axia financial aid?

I an presently enrolled in Axia,was awarded the Pell Grant and approved for 9500 in a student loan. My financial advisor and the letters from Citi (who approved my loan) tell me I will receive the extra money in 2 disbursments.

You were awarded the pell grant which is 5350..and financial aid correct? so you took out an additional 9500 to cover the balance and to have some extra disbursed to you..right?
you will get a check or direct deposit.