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Public Relations Firm: Case Study: Foundation Financial Group and AXIA PR - "The Power of PR"

Mark Boyer, CEO of Foundation Financial Group tells how they selected a public relations firm and after an extensive PR search nationwide, they ...

Springfield City Councilor Timothy Rooke will not seek re-election ...

SPRINGFIELD -- At-large City Councilor Timothy J. Rooke, the longest continuously serving member of the council, said Friday he will not seek re-election in November to a 12th two-year term.

"The voice of reasoning is retiring," Rooke said in announcing his decision. "It just reaches a point in everybody's life, it's time to give someone else an opportunity."

The surprise announcement occurs as Rooke is finishing his 11th consecutive term in office. He has been a councilor since first being elected in 1995.

Rooke, 54, vice president of Axia Insurance Services in Springfield, said that he will finish his full term that ends in January.

"I feel very confident with some of the younger members of the City Council," Rooke said, citing his reasons for not seeking re-election. "I think the mayor is doing a good job. I have been blessed with so many people who have supported me over the years, and we have accomplished many goals, and have worked with many people inside City Hall and in particular the City Council staff.

Axion Ventures Announces Additional Investment Loan to Axion Games and Intent to Amend Previously Filed Quarterly ...

The Company also announced today that it intends to file amended and restated financial statements (together in each case with an amended corresponding management’s discussion and analysis) (collectively, the “Amended Financial Reports”) for the quarters ended June 30, 2016 and September 30, 2016, (collectively, the “Financial Periods”) in response to a review of an accounting policy treatment applied during the Financial Periods, as identified below.

In connection with the preparation of the Company’s audited consolidated annual financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2016, it was determined by management, and agreed to by the Company’s auditors, Mazars LLP, that the Company’s investment in Axion Games, an entity controlled by the Company, should be accounted for on a consolidated basis. Other investments not controlled by the Company are measured at their proportionate share of the acquisition date fair value of the identifiable net assets of the acquired subsidiary.

University of Phoenix/Axia financial aid?

I an presently enrolled in Axia,was awarded the Pell Grant and approved for 9500 in a student loan. My financial advisor and the letters from Citi (who approved my loan) tell me I will receive the extra money in 2 disbursments.

You were awarded the pell grant which is 5350..and financial aid correct? so you took out an additional 9500 to cover the balance and to have some extra disbursed to you..right?
you will get a check or direct deposit.