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Public Relations Firm: Case Study: Foundation Financial Group and AXIA PR - "The Power of PR"

Mark Boyer, CEO of Foundation Financial Group tells how they selected a public relations firm and after an extensive PR search nationwide, they ...

Profile Software as a Silver sponsor at Compeer's Wealth Management Conference: The Yearly Review in London

Profile Software, an international financial solutions provider, announced today that it participates as a Silver Sponsor in the “Compeer’s Wealth Management Conference: The Yearly Review”, taking place on 27 June 2018 in London, showcasing its pioneering and award-winning Investment Management and Banking solutions.

During this event, professional delegates will have the opportunity to discuss with Profile Software’s executives about its leading Wealth Management solutions including its recent launch of Robo Advisor and how these can enable them to utilise the desired functionality and achieve operational excellence on a single investment management platform, offering common user experience.

History is made: Everything you need to know about Greece's deal to pay back $300 billion

However, the Greek government will have to keep the reform path on track to attract investments for the long-run. One of the biggest economic issues – the level of bad loans in the banking system – is still a problem for certain money managers.

Maartje Wijffelaars, senior economist at Rabobank told CNBC Monday that the risk that Greece goes on a spending spree or reverses reforms after the current program is limited as current and future debt relief is tied to prudent fiscal and economic policy. However, “ the risk that at some point the Greek (people) are ultimately fed up with all the conditions, ongoing weak labour market conditions and household finances remains present, which could lead to new clashes with Europe down the line.”

She also warned that “Greek government bonds likely (will) remain among the first hit in case market stress returns due to, for example, rising uncertainty over the future of the euro zone or a worsening global/euro zone growth outlook. Let alone if Greece’s economy underperforms current expectations or enters a recession.”

University of Phoenix/Axia financial aid?

I an presently enrolled in Axia,was awarded the Pell Grant and approved for 9500 in a student loan. My financial advisor and the letters from Citi (who approved my loan) tell me I will receive the extra money in 2 disbursments.

You were awarded the pell grant which is 5350..and financial aid correct? so you took out an additional 9500 to cover the balance and to have some extra disbursed to you..right?
you will get a check or direct deposit.