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1998: Sec. Andrew Cuomo Defends Affirmative Action Mortgage Policy

Andrew Cuomo admits "affirmative action" determined housing policy during his tenure at HUD. New York's new governor defiantly ...

Legal Notices 10-18-18




18-F-000451 – James B. Nutter & Company, Plaintiff vs. Wayne Reed, et al., Defendants

The Unknown Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, and Administrators of the Estate of Wayne Reed, deceased, whose last known address is Unknown, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Wayne Reed, whose last known address is 14640 Mayfield Road, East Claridon, OH 44033, will take notice that on June 13, 2018, James B. Nutter & Company filed its Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas, Geauga County, Ohio, 100 Short Court, Chardon, OH 44024, Case No. 18-F-000451. The object of, and demand for relief in, the Complaint is to foreclose the lien of Plaintiff’s mortgage recorded upon the real estate described below and in which Plaintiff alleges that the foregoing defendant has or claims to have an interest:

Parcel number(s): 12-062000.

Top Murphy administration official says Alvarez raped her during 2017 gov campaign

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“On April 8th, 2017, Al Alvarez raped me. On April 9th, 2017 I learned that the system is broken. I have pursued every form of justice available. But it has become clear that this system is not built for survivors,” Brennan, the chief of staff at the state Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, said in a statement released today.

“The details of the assault portrayed in reporter Kate King’s Wall Street Journal report published today are accurate. But to date, I have received no justice. I decided to come forward because I know that Al Alvarez, and all perpetrators, must be held accountable, must never rape again, and the justice system needs a complete change with regard to sexual violence.”

In the WSJ account, Brennan, 31, who lives in Jersey City, says she turned down a $15,000 settlement – that came with a non-disclosure agreement – against Alvarez and also alleges the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office told her there was not enough evidence for the jury to indict Alvarez.

anybody recall the details how bill clinton got the affirmative action mortgage laws changed in 1995?

robert greenwald and james h.

In the late 1990's, the then CEO Franklin Raines relaxed lending standards at Fannie Mae to allow subprime borrowers to obtain loans. This was done under the direction of the Clinton Administration. Relaxing of Lending Standards