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1998: Sec. Andrew Cuomo Defends Affirmative Action Mortgage Policy

Andrew Cuomo admits "affirmative action" determined housing policy during his tenure at HUD. New York's new governor defiantly ...

A 'messy situation': State's top financial regulator on leave after sexual harassment complaint

The state’s top financial regulator is on administrative leave after a sexual harassment complaint was filed against him.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis disclosed the complaint — the complainant called it a “messy situation” — against Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) Commissioner Ronald Rubin Friday night after “directing an immediate investigation,” the CFO said in a statement.

“Due to these troubling allegations in a sexual harassment complaint filed by an OFR employee, I am requiring an immediate investigation into the conduct of Commissioner Rubin,” Patronis said.

“Every person deserves to feel safe and respected in their work environment,” he added. “That standard is non-negotiable. Commissioner Rubin has been placed on administrative leave. I have directed my Office of the Inspector General to begin a preliminary investigation, and I will seek additional input from the Cabinet.

anybody recall the details how bill clinton got the affirmative action mortgage laws changed in 1995?

robert greenwald and james h.

In the late 1990's, the then CEO Franklin Raines relaxed lending standards at Fannie Mae to allow subprime borrowers to obtain loans. This was done under the direction of the Clinton Administration. Relaxing of Lending Standards

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