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1998: Sec. Andrew Cuomo Defends Affirmative Action Mortgage Policy

Andrew Cuomo admits "affirmative action" determined housing policy during his tenure at HUD. New York's new governor defiantly ...

Kraus-Anderson Insurance expands operations, hires Lisa Flick in Fargo office

"We have been enjoying rapid growth in this important market," said Dennis Diessner, executive vice president/COO of Kraus-Anderson Insurance. "Lisa will bring additional value-added services to our clients in Fargo and the region."

Flick will be responsible for high-level policy administration, consultation and support, and client and carrier relationship management.

Flick comes to KA Insurance with 22 years of industry experience in Fargo, most recently serving as an account manager with USI Insurance Services. She also was an account representative with Vaaler Insurance, and an underwriter with Bjornson Sentinel and the Transportation Department.

Flick earned her AA in Mass Communications and Speech from Moorhead State University.

About Kraus-Anderson Insurance

Based in Burnsville, Minn., Kraus-Anderson Insurance ( ) is an independent agency providing a spectrum of integrated insurance and risk management capabilities including commercial property/casualty insurance, employee benefits, group captive and alternative risk financing, workers compensation management, human resources, safety/loss control, enterprise risk, and surety bonding. Kraus-Anderson Insurance, an Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, is affiliated with the Minneapolis-based Kraus-Anderson family of operations, including construction management, real estate development, insurance and mortgage operations; with regional offices in Madison, Wis., Bismarck, N.D., and Duluth, Bemidji and Rochester Minn.

2008 Financial Crisis — A 10-Year Retrospective

Of the Left), we see that Democrats seeded the financial collapse, particularly with mortgage regulations.

As Mark Alexander explained in his updated and comprehensive review of the 2008 financial crisis , “The Community Reinvestment Act was passed by Democrats of the 95th Congress and signed into law by Jimmy Carter in 1977. It coerced lending institutions to make loans ‘to the entire community,’ undermining means testing to qualify applicants for mortgages.” Despite some positive changes in the intervening Republican White House years, “Bill Clinton’s signature on legislation making it easier for minority constituents with bad credit to obtain mortgages really reseeded the crisis. … Clinton’s legislation, in effect, applied affirmative action to the lending industry, which is to say that the [crisis was] NOT a ‘free market failure’ but the result of socially engineered financial policy by the central government.”

It took time for bad subprime mortgages to create a financial sinkhole underneath major banks. That’s why the collapse didn’t happen in 1998 but during the tenure of George W. Bush a decade later. When the house of cards inevitably collapsed, the Democrat response was … more government regulation. The Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul essentially codified “too big to fail” — the very thing Democrats routinely railed against. By 2015, Obama’s administration was working to make sure history repeated .

anybody recall the details how bill clinton got the affirmative action mortgage laws changed in 1995?

robert greenwald and james h.

In the late 1990's, the then CEO Franklin Raines relaxed lending standards at Fannie Mae to allow subprime borrowers to obtain loans. This was done under the direction of the Clinton Administration. Relaxing of Lending Standards