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Holidays not the only factor in consumers' massive debt struggles
According to the website, the average U.S. household (including those that are deeply indebted) owes $15,270 on credit cards; $149,925 on its mortgage; and $32,258 in student loans. That's $197,453 per household in any “It's more

West Bank earnings rise 9.8% despite drop in mortgage fees
West Bancorporation Inc., the parent company of West Bank, overcame a steep drop in mortgage origination fees in the fourth quarter by expanding its loan portfolio and trimming the amount of money it sets aside for bad loans. The Texas ratio, a

Thunderbird community split by school's plan
Thunderbird community split by school's plan What brought Thunderbird to this crossroad was an extended period of financial struggles, with losses in nine of the past 12 fiscal years and debt in the form of the $25 million mortgage. For most of its “The alumni weren't fully informed,” said

PRESS SUDDENLY BULLISH ON IMMIGRATION: WashPost 2-col. lead, “House GOP may move on reform of immigration: WHITE HOUSE HOPES TO STRIKE A DEAL – Boehner will outline principles for party's caucus” … that President Obama is engaging in 'class

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Bad Credit Mortgage lenders provide financing and hard money loans refinancing nationwide. This story demonstrates the ...

HR 1151: 'When we roared, we couldn't be beat'

Afterward, credit unions became a political force and remain so today, says Gill, a former NCUA senior advisor who’s now an Engagement Consultant with CUNA.

He reflects on efforts to pass this historic legislation, and lessons that still apply today.

CUNA News: What stands out most to you from this time?

Gill : This really was a David versus Goliath battle. We were not favored to win because the banks were well heeled and feared in Congress, and credit unions were seen as the little guys.

Lawmakers care about three things: votes, money, and the media. They want the media to say good things about them.

This was a classic dilemma for members of Congress: Do I go with the banks and the money, or do I go with the credit unions and my constituents, where the votes are?

We knew if we made it a “bank versus credit union” fight only, we’d lose, because banks are friends of many in Congress and fund their campaigns. So we mobilized the leaders of select employee groups (SEGs) as well as grassroots members to speak up for us.

Banking The Unbanked “In Good Faith”

“You shall not lend on interest to your brother. You may lend interest to a foreigner; but to your brother you shall not lend interest.” Tough words to hear for a bank, but with every obstacle there is an opportunity. These words are written in the book of Deuteronomy, so technically this would apply to both Jews and Christians, but only the strict apply this to their business and personal practices. Practicing Muslims, however, are growing in numbers in the U.S. and have more strict rules when it comes to interest on loans.

Innovative bankers, however, have seen this as an opportunity to capitalize on a niche market in both the Orthodox Jewish and Muslim communities in large cities. Devon Bank in Chicago, for instance has opened up a different business called “Abraham’s River”, offering noninterest based loans. Banks purchase properties for instance on behalf of the customer, and finance it to the customer at a higher price over time. Growing populations of Muslims are popping up in the nation’s smaller cities in large numbers where regional banks thrive.  

Credit Check on Spouse Home Mortgage in TX?


My husband and I live in Texas and recently decided to make a home purchase. He became pre-approved with them only running him, since I have no income and bad credit (stupid decisions in my youth that I am still working on fixing).

I would not worry about it.
The lender may have your name but they do not have your social security number. They obviously cannot run your credit without it.