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Merrill Lynch's Six Top Market Leading Software Stocks to Buy in 2014
The year 2013 was a one of accelerating growth for most software companies, and the software analysts at Merrill Lynch expect 2014 to continue to show strong growth. However, unlike 2013, when performance was skewed towards cloud and big data 

Wealth Adviser: Merrill Lynch Focuses on Clients' Aging Issues
A morning briefing on coverage of special interest to wealth managers, financial planners and other advisers. Please send tips and comments to or By Kevin Noblet. Merrill Lynch wants its advisers diving 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch appoints first gerontologist
A 28-year wealth management and retirement industry veteran, Hutchins has spent the last 15 years with Merrill Lynch – seven as a financial advisor in the greater D.C. / Maryland area, and the last eight as a retirement specialist. Hutchins graduated

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Downgrades Fairchild Semiconductor
In a report published Friday, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Aashish Rao downgraded Fairchild Semiconductor (NASDAQ: FCS) to Underperform from Neutral, with a $12.00 price target. According to the report, the analysts are cautious on FCS as 

Former Merrill Lynch Exec takes bailout money to buy palatial digs

Peter Kraus worked hard in the three months he spent at Merrill Lynch this fall — and the $25 million in bonus cash he earned for his troubles ...

How Merrill lost a $1B team

Henley says the move was just another way to become efficient. “Inside the wirehouse, the culture was once there,” Henley says. “But now, teams are managed at the lowest common denominator,” citing bureaucracy and over-documentation. “I truly believe that in the next 10 years, the number of teams going independent is going to go up tenfold.”

The Dynasty network now has more than 45 teams managing more than $28 billion in assets on the platform, according to a company spokeswoman. A separate Merrill Lynch team that oversaw $600 million in client assets left the wirehouse last year to join a Dynasty-affiliated RIA. The firm also picked up Procyon Partners from a growing roster of ex-UBS advisors, which managed $400 million in private wealth assets and $8 billion in institutional assets.

Dynasty’s CEO Shirl Penney says his firm attracts breakaway brokers because his firm followed a similar path. “I was 31 when I started Dynasty,” Penney says, “so I get where Michael is in his life and all the emotions. We understand what it’s like at the wirehouses — we understand the vernacular. But, we speak RIA.

Merrill Lynch: Compensation plan paying off in new business

Over the first half of the year, the wirehouse said gross new household acquisitions by experienced Merrill Lynch advisers were up 71% over the same period in 2017. The quarter ended in March represented the strongest performance in this area in at least the last five years, the company said in a statement.

Merrill Lynch's parent, Bank of America Corp. , reported its earnings Monday morning.

In November , Merrill unveiled its pay grid for 2018. Merrill Lynch advisers who bring in a healthy number of net new accounts were to be rewarded, while those who fell short of new company goals would see compensation cut. The plan was called the "growth grid."

In the past, Merrill Lynch advisers had been averaging about 2.5 gross new households per year. That rate has increased on an annual basis to 4.6 new households, said a Merrill Lynch executive who asked not to be named.

"There's no doubt Merrill Lynch has made advisers pay attention to the number of new households in a way they hadn't before," said Danny Sarch, an industry recruiter. "It comes down to behavior," Mr. Sarch said, pointing to the compensation plan Merrill Lynch introduced last year.