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Behaviour of banks in mortgage scandal 'remnant of banking crisis'

Ms Rowland said one bank is responsible for “the bulk” of outstanding customers who have not been compensated, but she would not reveal which one.

Fianna Fail TD and chairman of the finance committee John McGuinness said: “Given the fact that we are 10 years since the bailout, it is absolutely horrific that right now banks are behaving almost the same way as they did leading into the bust.

“Same arrogance, same method of operation and no changes to their structures.

“The report tells us that the banks are still getting away with it. They are still treating customers badly.

“Consumers would be utterly shocked that this report is now being presented and there is further work to be done in relation to sanctions.”

Sinn Fein senator Rose Conway-Walsh said: “It’s shocking to think that there are executives in the banking system who are paid hundreds of thousands and there’s banks making billions and they don’t even have clear lines of responsibility.

A legacy of the financial crisis? The makings of the next one.

In a happier world, we would be celebrating the bank bailouts of 10 years ago. They stopped a scary downward spiral, averted a longer-lasting depression and quickly led to a recovery that endures today.

Instead, the bailouts poisoned American politics, specifically by destroying the then-moderate center of the Democratic Party and shifting the base of the Republican Party into the netherworld of conspiracist paranoia.

Stephen K. Bannon, the spiritual author of Donald Trump’s toxic populism, said of the financial crisis, “the fuse that was lit then . . . eventually brought the Trump revolution.” For marginalized voters right and left, the bailouts epitomized what was rotten with Washington. Once you believed that the Federal Reserve had sold out the country to rescue bankers, there was not much you could not believe.

I recall the precise moment. Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson asked for legislation to save the banking system — what became TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). This was September 2008, days after the failure of Lehman Brothers. No one knew who was next. Virtually no one — not GE, not Goldman, no financial firm — was assured of its survival.

lagacy mortgage?

my husband and i are fixing to buy our first house and we found a great lender, which is legacy mortgage. we got 100% financing with them and they are paying for the inspection. im just wondering, has anyone gone through them before?

The only thing I find odd is why a bank would pay for an inspection.

Loans don't require it, that is a buyer's option.

An appraisal, isn't the same as an inspection.

Never heard of that....sounds very odd.