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West Valley City's $30 Million Hotel

with the private sector. If the market demanded a four-star hotel in West Valley City, the market would build a four-star hotel." VOICE-OVER ...

In debt? It's time to reassess your payoff plan

“To get out of debt, stop getting into more debt. Stop using your credit cards, stop drawing on your line of credit, because you’re just making it worse and worse.”

Make a plan

A big mistake often made by those overwhelmed with debt is not having a plan. Rank your debt by interest rate and pay at least the minimum balance required to stay on your creditors’ good side. But always aim to pay more to dig into the principal.

“You should start with knocking off the high interest rate debts first,” said Hoyes. “I get the psychological benefit of clearing stuff off the deck, so if it’s a really tiny (debt), fine. But do something because inaction isn’t going to work.”

A good plan should include a projected debt-free day. Take the amount you owe and divide your payments roughly into months, marking them in your calendar. Download my debt reduction spreadsheet to test different repayment strategies.

Zillow Stokes Investor Ire, Again

Bill Barker: Thank you!

Hill: We have some poll results we need to get to today. We have some exciting news from ESPN. But I think it's fair to say that revenue is the theme today with the earnings news, working out in good ways and bad.

We'll start with Zillow. I think with Zillow, you can forget the adjusted profits they reported in the second quarter. No one appears to care about that because Zillow's revenue came in lower than expected, and guidance for the full fiscal year was weak. Shares of the real estate website operator are getting smacked in a big way. Zillow down 17% this morning.

Barker: The revenue guidance was very weak. Complicating matters, Zillow also announced an acquisition which also involves expanding into an additional line of the business. The market reaction is a little hard to parse, as to which part of this the market is most disgusted with. Let's just call it a fair competition between all of that -- missing on the quarter, guiding lower, and adding a new leg to the business, which didn't go over well the last time it was done, either.

What social class am I?

Hey I was wondering if you could help me out, I've always wondered what my families social class is.

Bloody Brit obsession with class, the bane of this country.
You are middle class.